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InspireShot #3 Find What You Love


Photograph by Elisa Prell

As kids we were full of carefree moments. All we knew was going after what we love. Whether it was skating around an empty parking lot, swim racing, bike riding recklessly to the corner store, painting murals of rainbows or jumping into a muddy puddle covering yourself from head to toe.

These were fond memories of my childhood but slowly I have realized these times are slipping away because of my “be safe because we are suppose to do” choices. I had come to the point of becoming numb that it startled me into thinking what I was really here for. So I started to question what I really loved and think of all the possibilities to express this love. I suggest to write a list of what you love and next to each write actionable ideas that can be done to express this love.

Taking this photograph at the right time when this little boy was in between the two helmets was perfect timing. What drew me at first were the words, “Find What You Love”  drawn across the forefront helmet. It’s as if this boy’s future is shown before him either to ride the road finding what you love or ride the road that engulfs your love into flames like the second helmet. If not taken your mission will become ancient like the canvas of the motorcycle that lays in front of the two helmets.

Reminds me of a recent book I read, The Alchemist. This book is filled with adventures like a gypsy interpreting dreams, a spirit appearing as a guide, enemies in pursuit, nature talking, searching for treasure and above all else a heart leading the way.  I had an aha moment when right after reading this book I had received my daily Oprah newsletter notifying me she would be interviewing the author that Sunday. She had been trying to get an interview with him over 10 years and it was his first in America! It seems it was meant for me to read this book, correlate it with my life and recommend it to others 😉

As a kid I loved the writing portion of the yearly testing at our school. My 4th grade year is when I gained all stars on the fiction story portion and so was read out loud in class. I was terrified but thrilled at the same time to accomplish such a feat. The story was about a kid finding a secret attic filled with diamonds. I have decided to relive my childhood and write a little fiction story below. I challenge you to relive a fun childhood moment like skating, painting a self-portrait, writing a book, etc.  Share it with others and see where it leads you.

A story about a Superpower Helmet

There was a child who loved adventure. They dreamed big dreams. Blasting off to the moon, finding world peace, drawing a masterpiece….the dreams were endless. They played these dreams out wearing their super powered helmet. But as this child grew, their helmet was used less and less until it was tossed aside. The helmet asked one day, “Why am I being left behind?”

The child answered, “Well no one else uses one anymore, besides I have to grow up.”

The helmet protested, “But there is no such thing as growing up for growing up means growing into nothingness.” The child laughed it off and tucked the helmet into the darkest corner of their closet.

Their helmet was alone only having the child’s dreams to hold on to keeping hope that one day they would return.

Years and years past and soon this child was a grown person. They slowly started to feel sick inside. They visited many doctors but no one had the cure. In their darkest moment they suddenly heard a tiny voice.

It softly said, “before you lose everything reach out to me. Try me on no matter how afraid you are. For facing fear head to head is the source to becoming a superhero.”

They were at the brink of losing it all so they took heed of this voice and thought of their helmet.

They reached far into the darkness, dusted off the cobwebs and plopped it on their head. Together they pursued the highway of life. Discovering doing what they loved was the mission of life.  And the helmet thought to himself, “love wins.”

*Bonus audio episodes:

This Chalene Johnson show is about recovering from setbacks and disappointments. She starts with a story about a man’s love for motorcycle riding and how he started living because of this.

As well as the James Altucher episode of how to turn fear into money where he and his wife (who I love!) mentions the Alchemist book.


With TLC,

Elisa Prell