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My Halloween Inspirational Poem Drawings


Inspired by the month of Halloween and following the #Mabsdrawlloween Instagram Challenge, I drew from a prompt along with a poem. Now that Halloween is over I’ve decided to showcase all the pieces below to give out a bit of inspiration and that anything is possible. Enjoy!


The Scarecrow that Did

Don’t stay stagnant like a tree
Break from the ties to be free
Don’t be scared to let out your crows
For what makes you is your highs and lows


My Sinister Goblin


Ms. Vampire

Fill me up with red beating blood
Until I brim over like a rushing flood
I crave to live this hunger forever
To seek life is my only endeavor


The Witch and her Witchy Pup


Jacklyn the Pumpkin

She was called many names like Jack-o-Lantern
Because of her almost toothless wide grin
And her extra large hazel yellow eyes
But she kept growing up to the skies
The ones who terrorized her now live in despair
For she blossomed even when life seemed unfair


The Love of Wolfmen and Wolfwoman


Frankenstein Operation

His name is Frankenstein
But of a different kind
He broke loose from the injections
Free from a false bubble of protection
Not to be made into someone else’s dream
His true self was redeemed


Childhood Halloween Memories


The Mask

She would remove her mask
Every single Halloween night
But this time would be the last
Her true self forever shined bright


The Haunted House Down the Street


The Dancing Duo

The rats danced around the candle light
When all were asleep at night
Their shadow hovered over like a creep
But they kept moving their nimble feet
They were as quite as can be
For they never even let out a peep



Runaway Tree


9 Lives

She celebrated Day of the Dead
In remembrance to all her cat lives
While some have one life they dread
Each new season she revives


Two Creatures


Her Tombstone

She stumbled upon a grave
In horror she read her name
Past memories came in a wave
From now on she wouldn’t go on the same



And I end with a drawing and quote of Dorothy since she can be categorized as a cult costume. My dog and I even dressed up as the part this year. Hope you all had a great Halloweeen month and to many more!

With TLC,


InspireShot #4 – Owlright in the Night

Photograph by Elisa PrellI

I was inspired by this smiling little boy running against the stark graffiti. Part of the graffiti has an eerie hand as if hovering over him but he is a step ahead and in front are cartoonish owls happily watching over him. He in turn is smiling as well as if knowing he will be alright, is taken care of and just keeps running freely.

There may be times when everything seems to be falling apart but know that this moment in time will pass. But accept the moment for it may be showing you the way, showing you to be stronger,  teaching you a lesson that will lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel all the while the birds/angels will be watching over you. These misfortunes may come to you so you in turn can show others the way. I believe the saying that God only gives us so much that we can handle. If we are faced with a hardship stop to think what you can learn from it and how to overcome it. I find when asking out loud for help, that a way will be shown for us.

I’ve always liked to scribble down rhyming poems (which helps to spill out my jumbled thoughts). Writing I find is a good source of letting out those bottled up misfortunes. I suggest to write down at least three things you were grateful for the day and also write down what obstacle you overcame or need to overcome. For extra bravery show it to someone or post it up for others to read. My photograph inspired me to do a drawing poem of owls made with recycled food items who are there for each other in the darkness.


The Owlright Poem:
When darkness seems to creep upon your heel, keep going.

When you are left with nothing to feel, keep going.

When there seems nothing left to see, keep going.

When you think of giving up a plea, keep going.

Keep going with your friend to lean on to see the light for your will find everything is gonna be Owlright!

And because this photograph with the little boy and cartoonish owls remind me of childhood, I would like to provide a couple of children’s books worth reading yourself or reading to a child you have or know.

The first book I would like to share is,  Owl Moon which you can also listen and watch on this you tube video, enjoy! This is a classic that I remember having read back in my kid days.  I loved that it contained my love for animals, the outdoor adventure and a father/daughter bonding time.

The second book, or I should say series is the Harry Potter book series. I do have to admit I have not read them all but just by reading and watching a few of the movies I have enjoyed the fun magic adventures that someone of any age can read/watch. Harry Potter has an owl pet named Hedwig who not only sends letters to him but also is a close confidant that he finds solace in when at times there is no one else. I just love animal and human relationships because they are so honest and show pure love.

Also the theme song for Harry Potter is called the Hedwig theme and I think it is great to listen to for when you are working, studying or just wanting to relax.

And I end with a National Geographic documentary about the Snowy Owl which is the type of owl that Harry Potter had. It’s a great video showing the bond of an Owl family who seem to survive through magic! They show the will to live in sometimes a bleak dark setting but no matter what circumstances come their way they survive through courage and determination. Which I hope you do the same in your life. We are all a part of this intricate web of life connected to each other. I hope you enjoy!

With TLC,

Elisa Prell



A Poem about a Rose




Poem by Elisa Prell

These roses were a valentine gift from my man and couldn’t bear to toss them away. I love to recycle/reuse items so thought this would be a great creative project to tackle. My first poem drawing about growing throughout life, loving you and loving someone else represented by rose petals and the stems. My hope is to continue this poem drawing recycling project weekly.  🙂


With TLC,

Elisa Prell