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Inspiring Drawing Quote of the Day – Sleeping Beauty

Dream not only in your sleep but all day long. Have a vivid day dreaming each day of how you want your life to be. Feel it, see it in vibrant colors, smell it, make it seem as it is happening in real time. This could help manifest your dreams into reality. But remember to take action as well, fake it till you make it!


With TLC,


Adios 2016: My Visual Survey of 2016 and wishes for 2017


Following up with Gala Darling’s post about her visual survey, I have answered back in visuals as well.

Many have stated this year as glad to be over due to being dreadful, upside down, sideways, topsy turvy and so on.  But it’s important to also note the good as well as the bad. To question how we can grow from it or how we grew from it and what we can do next.

Many highs and lows in my life, growing can be as they say growing pains. But we need this in the process to become our fully grown beautiful self.

The beginning of this year I was living alone and now I am sharing a new home with my loving man. We have had our ups and downs by adjusting to our quirks but in the end I have learned and loved so much from it.

So here we go with mine below and in Gala’s words if you wish to do a summary visual, “have fun with it. Add questions in if you want! Post your answers on your blog or Facebook, or even email them to your friends!”


Up and down and all around


seeing the light but seems so far away and tiny to enter into


OPRAH!!! With her Super Soul Sundays to Supersessions I have learned and been enlightened


reminiscing and enjoying our current mother nature

MY 2017 VIBE…

not caring what others think, be confident and attain my dreams/vision


loving myself


Joy, laughter, united, only eyes for each other


self entrepreneur




my inner fighter, my inner universe, my inner mother nature





reading, cuddling, my safe-haven


with love


in charge and conquering my dreams/visions in a colorful life

This was a ton of fun! And in Gala’s ending words, “If you end up doing this too, please let me know — I’d love to see your answers.”

With TLC,

What to Love around the Internet Web


“The Beloved Web” Piece by Me

That time again to go travel around the web of finding what inspires us to keep going in this thing we call life. Take a break and enjoy the cyber content out there that can motivate us into creating our own aspirations. What better way than to start off with a drawing I did above of a web, simply writing the words, “I Love You”. (a play on of Charlotte’s Web)

Amazing Articles!

♥ A simple short layout of how to start when you are struggling to stay on course by Zenhabits 

♥ How to live a good life that Positively Present was inspired by The Ten Golden Rules book 

♥ A new spin on how to visualize by seeing it as extreme daydreaming by personal self

Personal Self also shows a great way of how to overcome the poverty mentality 

♥ Love to learn different ways of approaching morning routines this is a great one by Pick the Brain

The Middle Finger Project shows what it means to have a really good life

How Gala wants you to keep your passion flame going when it starts to dwindle

♥ Pick the Brain says don’t worry you are exactly where you need to be!

Hawaii holds a spot in my heart since visiting a few years back and Universe Letters writes the inspirational meanings behind Aloha, which I loved using  the word in Hawaii and really should use here! 

How RuPaul has the stick-with-it-ness down by GQ

10 natural ways to increase your brain’s happy levels!  by Collective Evolution 

♥ 10 writing tips from Rebecca Solnit

♥ Positively Present gives our her ultimate book gift list to check out! I always need more books in my life : )

♥ Galactic Wanderlust asks what differentiates us between the animal kingdom

Inspirational Instagrams! 

Universe Letters– Inspiring daily messages and photographs


Idillionaire – Inspires to conscious living


itsmebillielee – Inspiring quotes to do what you love and representing the transgender community


amberibarreche – artist creating inspiring messages on anything she can get a hold of


augustwren – inspiring beautiful paintings and does a 12 month painting challenge for anyone to join


Pondering Podcasts!

Holistic Spaces talks about how to make your bedroom feel peaceful, love the idea of adding plants!

I’m a little late to the Serial train but if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! It’s a great mystery story.

And once you are done with Serial go ahead and listen to Undisclosed who goes into more depth about the convicted high schooler, Adnan

Loved music from Jewel back in the day and love her even more hearing her on Altucher’s podcast with her conscious philosophical in the moment strive for the best message

Join the ProBlogger blog challenge! He will be stating a challenge once a month with a Facebook group to join as a way to share your blog and share others

Vantastic Videos!

Great tips on how to find a mentor and it doesn’t have to be face to face!

I’ve now decided to attend the School of Life! (through watching their videos that is)

How Maggie the Cow taught about letting go

Don’t stop, keep going and you will get to where you want to be


Hope you enjoyed! If you have any of your own inspiring web content to share please feel free to comment!

With TLC,


9 Love Notes to Send to Yourself and to Others

I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you’re in the world. Words by Elton John that travel straight to my heart. Words are powerful that can make us turn a 180. I’ve set a challenge to send love notes to my loved ones and possibly to strangers. I list a few that I have and am trying along the way.

My goal at the end of it all is to discover how or if it improves/impacts our lives. I hope you can join me on this challenge as well, would love to know how it goes and what ideas you all come up with as well!


  1. Sticky Note It – Whether it be on your bathroom mirror, your bedroom door, a desk, a computer, stick it down with a simple written message to how you hope their day goes, how you feel about them or a good quality about them. So far I’ve seen/heard appreciation after sticking it to my boyfriend especially with this one above!
  2. Chalk it out – Buy or create a chalkboard to write an inspirational quote or just a hello message. In my previous home, I painted a part of my entry wall with chalkboard paint. Just need a set of chalks and you are set! This created a community activity that my roommates and I enjoyed updating along the way. chalk-board-rev
  3. Dry Erase marker it – These are easy to use, come in different colors and a no fuss clean up with a damp paper towel. Write a colorful message that can color their day!
  4. Self Portrait – Draw yourself or others and write down qualities that you or they embrace. self-portrait
  5. Text it – Not just any text but a good morning text. I give daily morning texts or I receive one from my man which makes me feel wonderful. How about a step further where you also send to family and friends? Just the other morning I received a text from my friend Visa that read, “Good morning and hope you have a great day”. Just this simple text had me start off the morning with an extra smile.
  6. Journal it – Write what you are grateful for and or write what you are grateful about others and share it by sending a picture of it to them.
  7. Draw a feeling – I read about a husband who drew him and his wife crying and holding each other tight in their car after a miscarriage. Draw what you are feeling or an experience that you or others went through and share it.car-couple
  8. Email signature–  You can reach many with your email. What better way than to spruce up your signature. For the last couple of years I have added a picture next to my signature and try changing it up every month. This month it’s of two owls snuggling. I’ve received feedback such as, love it, made me smile and made me laugh. This makes an impact that can reach many. Signature-screenshot
  9. Email letter –  Instead of a handwritten letter, how about writing a letter by email to your loved ones. I send emails to my close friends similar to how we wrote letters back when I was in school. Soon you start a back and forth communication through email letters!
  10. Now your turn! Are there any other ways you let yourself or others know how much they are cared about? Comment on this post, would love to hear it!


10 Reasons Virgin Mary can be a Role Model for Women

Virgin Mary made out of metal and glass

Virgin Mary made out of metal and glass (at a corner store in east Austin,TX)

Ever since Easter has passed, I think of how Jesus came to be, how he was able to rise again.

Of course he came from God but God needed a vessel, who was Mary. She was a strong sturdy soul who could carry this weight, the weight of the world all inside of her to hold. God was there along the way but let’s face it this is a heavy responsibility that I would have double thoughts about because you don’t see God there physically holding your hand along the way. Instead you have to have faith which she sure did, she accepted without questions or hesitation.

As I commute from work to home I see the Virgin Mary displayed around me at corner stores and front yards of homes. She shines her graceful face holding a cool demeanor looking over us as we commute in this thing we call life. I must confess I don’t attend church on a regular basis, find myself having mixed beliefs and not set on one religion.

Although I do believe in a higher power and do call this higher power, God. This power I believe is within us all, it is love and some of us just need to reach further within to bring it forth. After attending this past weekend to an Easter service at a 125 year old church, I was overcome with a feeling of love and beauty all around.

Mary brought forth her love from within to bring forth God’s son, who would sacrifice himself to forgive our sins. She sacrificed in a way by knowing she would be giving up her son for the betterment of the world.

Sister-Mary bible verse dried flower petals

My drawing of Virgin Mary using leftover dried flower petals

I have 10 points below of why she is our role model and how we can implement some or all into our own lives to accomplish our dreams.

Had her son while still a virgin (this has been argued but I’m going with the story I knew as a child). Joseph planned to divorce her after learning she was pregnant but because of Mary’s strong believe to carry this baby and of God’s will he decided to stay with her.

In our own lives we will come across something we strongly believe in but at times our loved ones might be against it but if we believe in it with our whole heart then continue on and I am sure the ones who really care about you will stay on board like Joseph did. 

Angel Gabriel appeared to her to announce that she was the divine selection to be the mother of Jesus. She responded, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done unto me according to your word.”

Signs can come to us in dreams, billboards, music like a guardian angel. Up to us to have our eyes open to see these signs and interpret how it will help you in life to lead you to your dreams coming true. 

A member of the early Christian community in Jerusalem.

Become a member of a community that supports your passion, your beliefs and that will help guide you along the path of life. 

She married Joseph and accompanied him to Bethlehem. No place in the inn she conceived her son, Jesus in the manger.

If you are traveling, going on your path to accomplish your dreams and come upon an obstacle find another way to conceive it. 

Many churches believe she is not only Mother of Jesus but Mother of God.

As we follow our destiny, we will find that you’ll gain a larger group of loved ones that you will give to and vice versa. 

First follower of Jesus.

Follow others that you believe in, that will also help you in your own life even if no one else is following them. Or can see it as your own passion that you are trying to achieve, get it done even when you have no followers, viewers, Facebook followers, they will come eventually. 

She asked Jesus to provide wine when it ran low at a wedding. She believed in him and she was to be a witness to the glory of her son.

Believe in others even when they don’t believe in themselves. Or let’s say your own business hasn’t produced results, push further by creating another product and see where it goes. 

She approached Jesus when he was left behind at the temple. She wanted to and did protect Jesus from getting himself in trouble with the leaders.

Protect your baby, your own dream business, when there are naysayers protect it and shield it from them until it can shine bright on it’s own and succeed. 

Mary’s concern for helping the poor like them. The Letter of James states that her and her children believe that genuine religion means taking care of people like them.

Not only do we help ourselves but seek to help others who are in need. I find when we help others we get much more in return than we ever expected.  

She witnessed her son Jesus being crucified. 

There might be something or someone we hold close to our hearts that we lose but if we know it’s time is up, let it go for this will make room for something so much better. 


I hope you enjoyed! From being inspired by her I drew her. I find myself continuing my passion of art. So you too go forth and create your passions into reality!


With TLC,








7 Ways to show Equality like Rosa Parks


My Drawing of Rosa Parks. Used Pencil and Watercolors

As Black History month comes to an end I would like to shine the light on one of the most influential role models in history, Rosa Parks. She helped pave the way to gain equality for all. I am still in disbelief how we could treat other human beings this way just because of color, of race, of being different. When it comes down to it we are all the same, we are all humans but just come in different colors like a crayon box.

Many of us will never know the experiences people faced head on with racism and inequality in their day to day life. I am forever grateful we have evolved where I am able to go anywhere and do about just anything like everyone else. Even though we have grown from it there is still work to do because of lingering inequality we face even if ever so slightly.

I myself have experienced this in my personal life, not as much as others but it has stayed with me forever, making me aware we do not all look the same and are treated differently because of it.  I am half white and half Hispanic but with my brown skin tone many would assume I am full Hispanic.

I faced this realization of inequality in middle school on the basketball team. One day the coach had split us up into two lines interrogating us because someone had stolen an item from the gym. One line consisted those who were thought to have committed the crime and the other line was innocent. I was part of the assumed guilty group and as I looked down the line I saw all were of color, Hispanics and Blacks. Turns out none of the assumed guilty had done the crime.

This has never left me, had dented my self-confidence and put up a shield at that time which has taken me time to put down.

Below I list the top equality attributes/deeds done by this extraordinary woman and how we can implement this in our own lives. Let’s not forgot our history for we do not want to repeat it, treat others equally in the present and pave the future for others to live in an equal loving world.

Photo by NY Times

Photo by NY Times

1. Rosa Parks stood her ground or we can say literally sat her seat no matter what anyone told her. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks paid her bus fare and sat at an empty seat in the first row in the “colored” section. Her row was directly behind the ten seats reserved for white passengers.

Soon all of the white-only seats in the bus filled up and to make room for the next group of white passengers she was ordered to move back to have room for the whites. Three others moved but she did not knowing all along this was wrong. She felt, “they had endured too long, the more we gave in, the more we complied with that treatment, the more oppressive it became.”

Lesson: No matter if someone tells you you are wrong or others follow suite, follow your heart and at the end you will win in victory.

2. After being arrested for a so called crime she had her trial on December 5th where the WPC came together to protest by distributing over 35,000 leaflets reading, “We are asking every Negro to stay off the buses on Monday in protest of the arrest and trial of Rosa Parks. If you work take a cab, or walk but please children and grown-ups, don’t ride the bus all Monday.

Lesson: When you stand up for what you believe in for the betterment of all then others will rise, will support or at least you will make an impact/touch others in some way to move in that direction.

3. Parks became active in the Civil Rights Movements with such leaders as Martin Luther King and member of the NAACP as secretary. Parks investigated the gang-rape of Recy Taylor, a black woman from Abbeville, Alabama where she helped to organize the “Committee for Equal Justice for Mrs. Recy Taylor. The Chicago defender would go on to say it was “the strongest campaign for equal justice to be seen in a decade.”

Lesson: If you are passionate about something join a group such as a Meetup or Facebook group that have like minded folks where you can relate to each other. As a group you are stronger by putting your heads together for ideas to move your passion/ideals forward to the community.

4. She was honored for her actions in later years but suffered during those times by being fired from her job as a seamstress in a local department store along with receiving death threats. On the other hand it opened doors for her where she served as a secretary and receptionist for John Conyers, an African American U.S. Representative.

Lesson: During the times when she was working towards equality she faced many hardships but kept moving forward not giving up. The road to what you are meant to do in life will not be smooth and easy, it will be tough with bumps along the way but have faith for this is only a test of strength to keep going into achieving more than you could imagine.

5. Her past was growing up in a poor family, having to drop out of school to care for her grandmother. She recalled going to elementary school where the school buses took white students to their new school but black students had to walk theirs. She preserved to attain her degree where at the time less than 7% of African Americans had a high school diploma.

Lesson: Let’s not have our past be a crutch or form our present and future selves but let it be a learning tool to overcome those obstacles to become our better selves from it.

6. After going through all these experiences she wrote her story, in 1992 she published Rosa Parks: My Story, an autobiography recounting her life in the South. Later she continued her passion by publishing, Quiet Strength in 1995 which is of her memoirs.

Lesson: When you go through hardships in your life share them with others through a positive creative tool such as painting, music, writing, comedy or however you like to express your feelings. This way you are showing others they are not alone and to help give them confidence to rise above for what they believe in as well.

7. Her legacy continued even after her death by celebrating her through memorial ceremonies. A commemorative U.S. Postal Service stamp, called the Rosa Parks Forever stamp was created in honor of her. Shortly after President Barack Obama unveiled a statue honoring Parks in the nation’s Capitol building. Her legacy lives on and lived a long life at 93 passing away quietly in her home.

Lesson: Remember we only have a short time here on earth so let’s make the best of it. Follow what’s in your hearts, for you at the end and others will know you followed your true self and not that of others.

One of the top 5 regrets of the dying is that they didn’t follow their true selves but instead tried to please others. Rosa Parks rose above following her belief not letting anyone tell her otherwise. Keep this in mind yourself when confronted with an obstacle to stand up and show your rights.

With TLC,



Sources: Wikipedia and www.biography.com 

How and Why to Make a Vision Board


I admit I was a skeptic at first, thinking why would I do a vision board, it’s just superstitious. The more I thought about it though the more my perception changed of this project. I always loved crafting things together so began to see this project as right up my alley.

I have done a couple different vision boards that are now almost like fun hobbies that I now recommend anyone to do! It gets your creative juices flowing, has you start thinking of goals you want in life and with some action behind it these vision aspirations can turn into reality. I feel now it is my duty to share with you my boards along with giving you some direction into creating your own!

The above board is my original creation but through the last couple of years I have added on more imagery into a finalized product I am happy with. Quite a few of these images have and are coming into fruition. Below are the steps I followed and hope you do as well. Let me know how it goes!

Very first step: Rough Draft Plan


Write out a rough draft plan of your aspirations, goals and dreams you want to aspire to and don’t be afraid to go big! The bigger the better! A couple of points I laid out for my board was family, friends, love relationship, children, home, traveling, job, hobbies, spirituality and health.

First step: Blank Canvas


You need a blank canvas/backboard to be your sounding board. I used a black poster board but you can use anything you have on hand or a quick trip to the dollar store or hobby lobby will get you what you need. Could get a cork board, poster board, canvas , sketchbook or just a plain legal sheet of paper (my second board was made out of this).

Second step: Images


Collect images along the way, keep your eyes peeled of what draws you in. Most of my images are from magazines and computer but I also drew out my images. Other items that can be used are books to get your inspirational quotes/wording, construction paper to cut out shapes, tissue paper, images from computer to print out, fortune cookie slips, flash cards, post cards, greeting cards, dried flower petals. The more colorful the better!

Third step: Tools


I used a few simple tools but thinking outside the box is encouraged. Scissors, pencils, pens, markers, paints, Mod Podge, cloth, lace, glue, tape and anything that pieces the images together into a whole.

Fourth Step: Layout


I liked placing my images in order from what I wanted to accomplish first to last along with writing out quotes and descriptions next to the images. Once the layout is done then you’re ready to glue/tape/mod podge, thumb tack it however you want together. The second vision board above shows you a clear direction of what all I want to accomplish throughout my life but really is like a full circle of life.

Fifth Step: Location


I have set up my board around a couple of places like my office space, in the bathroom and now currently on top of my bookcase that is somewhat of an alter surrounded with a few of my favorite pieces. The best place is where you know you’ll be viewing it on a regular basis.

I find physically putting your dreams together into a finalized creative piece gives you a stronger sense that your dreams are closer to coming true. Of course I don’t believe just looking at a board will make everything into reality. You also need to put action into your vision but action that feels good to you when doing it along with trusting the steps will fall into place.

Think of it as a fun goal setting planner that you then follow through with and you will slowly realize all that comes into your life is what you had aspired to since the beginning. Let me know how your process goes and show pictures of your work!

Bonus: A little poem quote I made below to get you goin!


With TLC,


33 Photo Shots that are Rockin Awesome

I just turned 33! I don’t know about you but I’m rockin’ it! I have decided this year not to dwell on getting older as I have in the past but celebrate how far I’ve come to being here yet another year. To emphasize this I have looked back at my past photography shots picking some of my favorites, to be exact 33 of them.

This exercise has helped me appreciate the years I’ve had here along with giving me fuel to keep getting better. Below is my list with a snippet about each photo. I hope they bring a smile to your face 🙂


Beya a Piece of My Heart

1. Location was at the state park in my small hometown. I chose this outside setting because she is in her natural element in nature. I liked how the blue water matched the blue bench connecting it all together with the trees receding in the back giving you depth to match her deep gaze. 


Beaumont who is our Faithful Family Dog

2. We thought we could never replace our first pug but he won us over. This is a simple setting one tone background, keeping the main focus on him. 

Luna and her Mother.

Luna and her Mother

3. Luna was the sole kitten born, pretty rare for cats. They were inseparable and identical in personality. Caught this sweet moment of them curled up together on my table. I like how they seem to be molded together showcasing their strong bond.



4. He may be tiny in size but big in attitude. He is my step dad’s dog who protects him anywhere they go. Because of his funny expressions, I created a funny comic style with what I believe he was thinking at that moment.

My Sister and Brother at Enchanted Rock

My Sister and Brother at Enchanted Rock

5. Enchanted Rock is one of our favorite family hiking spots. I liked capturing the two in stride into the wide blue sky.


Sunflowers in my Neighborhood Backyard

6. My area still contains vast pieces of land which is little by little being taken over by homes. I’m glad I was able to catch this wild free thing before they have the chance of disappearing.


My Front Yard Plant

7. My first flower bush that I planted in my very own yard. I chose these because of their flowers that produce my favorite color. I focused on the flower upfront to view it’s details.


Hummingbird in my Backyard

8. My dad introduced me to the love of hummingbirds. As soon as I placed this feeder outside they came swooping in. One evening I remember sitting out in my backyard having hummingbirds flying right past me to the feeder. It was a magical moment. 


Country Life in Kerrville, TX

9. I love riding the country roads just gazing out the window catching the various animal life that we have. I took this shot because of the way they were sitting next to each other in sync.


Country Life

10. More country life, can’t get enough! 


Antique Tractor

11. Tractor for show at the annual Fredericksburg, Texas Fair. 


Cutting Lumber for Fair Show

12. This man performed at the fair. He has lived the country life all his life and to this day he still enjoys what he does. That is one of the keys to life. 


Seagulls at Port Aransas, TX

13. Trying to catch a seagull. The beach is a part of me, I grew up partly at the beach when visiting my mom’s side of the family in Honduras who lived next to the coast. 


Seagulls by the Shore

14. More beach life! Loved how they were gazing all at the same direction into the sea. 


Sea Urchin in Hawaii

15. Beautiful living creatures in the sea. This sea urchin was found in Hawaii, a trip come true which is now off my bucket list! 


Hawaii Beach

15. I wanted to catch the blue sky touching the blue water as if coming together into one form with the mountains on opposite ends which almost look like giant turtles swimming in the sea. 



16. Parasailing is off the bucket list as well! I liked how I had the shapes seem almost 2-D against what looks like a black and white background.


Beach Umbrella

17. Bright colors like the rainbow make me happy, enough said. 



18. Gazing out to the skyline of Honolulu, capturing a pair enjoying the vast green land.


The Stairway to Heaven in Honolulu

19. Caught people climbing up one of the highest, steepest points in Hawaii. I like the contrast of all the greenery with the white stairs standing out having pops of colors of people hiking up. 


Mayan Ruins at Copan, Honduras

20. My mother’s home country where for the first time we had her and her family see the ruins. I tried to be on the highest point to take in the vast deep land’s richness. 


Chicago, Illinois

21. My first trip to Chicago. These boats were near the ferry on Lake Michigan. The pattern within a pattern is what made this a great photo. 


The Bean in Chicago

22. Had to capture the iconic Bean! Wanted to emphasize the reflection of the skyscrapers. These skyscrapers is what makes the city unique. 


Live Music in Austin, Texas

23. Capturing the music that is all around my current home city, Austin, Texas. It’s as if these live people are actually a part of the mural, can’t tell who is really alive and ironically it was in front of the sign that reads “Live Music”.


6th Street in Austin, Texas

24. Keep Austin Weird. 


Bratwurst on 6th Street

25. What is Austin without a picture of food from a food trailer! One of the best hot dogs in town.


X Games Austin, Texas

27. Pre-party on Congress Avenue for the X games. Competing among other larger cities such as Chicago, we were chosen one to be the host of the X Games. 


Chinese New Year

28. The people of China Town in Austin, Texas celebrating the new year in the most brightest animated creatures I have ever seen. 


Woodworker at the Hawaii Market

29. Caught this man in his element chipping away into the core of his passion at the weekly Hawaiian Market Plaza. 


Pearl Harbor Memorial

30. My trip to Hawaii happened to be around Memorial time, perfect timing to see an abundance of flags flying freely that so many people died for. I salute to these women and men. 


My Mother

31. My mother, my heart. The lighting cascading on her face reminded me of an angel, which I truly believe she is one herself. 



32. I end with my dog, my best friend who never lets me down, who is full of love and happiness which I feel I captured at this moment. 


Port Aransas, Texas


Port Aransas, Texas

33. Last two photos is for the number 33! 

I have decided this is the year for me to jump, to rock it out because if I don’t I will never know what’s on the other side, the side of dreams.

On my birthday, I literally rocked it out at the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert.  They are one of few that do not work under a record label company. Doing it their way, living their dreams and being successful at it! I realized most of his songs moved me, inspired me to be better, to treat everyone equally and to love wholeheartedly.

malca2 steamers


InspireShot #5 – You’re Butter Half

Mix media by Elisa Prell

Mix media by Elisa Prell

I pass this mural every day and each time I stare at it in awe as if it’s my first time to see it. The message surrounded by the bright old fashion images just makes me happy. It’s as if I have had breakfast to energize me for the day ahead in cubicle life.

Instead of capturing people against this mural I decided to draw Julia Child and her husband, Paul as if they are posing against this backdrop that defined them. She was one of the first women to make a mark in the culinary world. Her husband helped her see what was there all along in herself, a chef. Julia Child hadn’t realized her full passion until she started cooking for the first time for her husband. He was there, every step of the way in helping his love achieve her dream, even created a kitchen for her as the vessel that would take them on the journey of food.

Food is vital to us living, brings people closer together than anything else can. Just the act of creating a meal for someone can bring pure joy. The drawing I did of Julia and Paul shows one of their traditions they did on Valentines day. They would cut out paper hearts to wear as they hosted a dinner party. I decided to do something similar but with actual food. Below is a piece I made with reused eggs that spell out the word, love. Break yourself open to spill the love over unto others.


Mixed media piece by Elisa Prell

Society still places a stigma that we need to get married at a certain age or we’ll be old spinster maids. She met him at age 31 and didn’t start her full blown chef dream until she was in her 40’s. See it is never too late to find the love of your life and the love for yourself.  Take each moment as a precious gift for you to use the best way you can. Why not take the risk of finding our-self, our butter half into achieving our dreams because what’s the worse that can happen?

I have always loved food, all and any kinds of food. Most of my baby pics are of me stuffing my face with food in pure happiness. Food is a key ingredient in our lives. If we enjoy and appreciate each bite then food will be our friend who in turns makes our soul and body healthy. Just being conscious by listening to what our body needs as fuel will take us to the right direction in finding the best food for us.

FullSizeRender (2)

Me as a baby stuffing my face in pure joy!

Bread has been a key ingredient since the beginning of time. Just look to the bible and you will find verses about bread;
Matthew 26:26 – And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed [it], and brake [it], and gave [it] to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.

1 Corinthians 10:17 – For we [being] many are one bread, [and] one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread.

I end with a couple of quotes from Julia and Paul Child and a Smithsonian article that sums up what love is when finding your butter half. Also can’t end without mentioning the Julie & Julia movie along with a love song! There are so many love songs containing lyrics about food but I think The Four Tops – I Can’t Help Myself, song wraps it up the best! Sugar Pie Honey Bunch….I can’t help myself…I love you and nobody else!


“For us the kitchen is the soul of our house,” Julia Child

“We had a happy marriage because we were together all the time. We were friends as well as husband and wife. We just had a good time.” — Julia Child

“How fortunate we are at this moment in our lives! Each doing what he most wants, in a marvelously adapted place, close to each other, superbly fed and housed, with excellent health, and few interruptions.”Paul Child

The movie, Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep as Julia Child did a good job of depicting her aspiring life along with the love she and Paul had for each other. I love Meryl Streep! Should definitely check it out if you haven’t already 🙂


InspireShot #3 Find What You Love


Photograph by Elisa Prell

As kids we were full of carefree moments. All we knew was going after what we love. Whether it was skating around an empty parking lot, swim racing, bike riding recklessly to the corner store, painting murals of rainbows or jumping into a muddy puddle covering yourself from head to toe.

These were fond memories of my childhood but slowly I have realized these times are slipping away because of my “be safe because we are suppose to do” choices. I had come to the point of becoming numb that it startled me into thinking what I was really here for. So I started to question what I really loved and think of all the possibilities to express this love. I suggest to write a list of what you love and next to each write actionable ideas that can be done to express this love.

Taking this photograph at the right time when this little boy was in between the two helmets was perfect timing. What drew me at first were the words, “Find What You Love”  drawn across the forefront helmet. It’s as if this boy’s future is shown before him either to ride the road finding what you love or ride the road that engulfs your love into flames like the second helmet. If not taken your mission will become ancient like the canvas of the motorcycle that lays in front of the two helmets.

Reminds me of a recent book I read, The Alchemist. This book is filled with adventures like a gypsy interpreting dreams, a spirit appearing as a guide, enemies in pursuit, nature talking, searching for treasure and above all else a heart leading the way.  I had an aha moment when right after reading this book I had received my daily Oprah newsletter notifying me she would be interviewing the author that Sunday. She had been trying to get an interview with him over 10 years and it was his first in America! It seems it was meant for me to read this book, correlate it with my life and recommend it to others 😉

As a kid I loved the writing portion of the yearly testing at our school. My 4th grade year is when I gained all stars on the fiction story portion and so was read out loud in class. I was terrified but thrilled at the same time to accomplish such a feat. The story was about a kid finding a secret attic filled with diamonds. I have decided to relive my childhood and write a little fiction story below. I challenge you to relive a fun childhood moment like skating, painting a self-portrait, writing a book, etc.  Share it with others and see where it leads you.

A story about a Superpower Helmet

There was a child who loved adventure. They dreamed big dreams. Blasting off to the moon, finding world peace, drawing a masterpiece….the dreams were endless. They played these dreams out wearing their super powered helmet. But as this child grew, their helmet was used less and less until it was tossed aside. The helmet asked one day, “Why am I being left behind?”

The child answered, “Well no one else uses one anymore, besides I have to grow up.”

The helmet protested, “But there is no such thing as growing up for growing up means growing into nothingness.” The child laughed it off and tucked the helmet into the darkest corner of their closet.

Their helmet was alone only having the child’s dreams to hold on to keeping hope that one day they would return.

Years and years past and soon this child was a grown person. They slowly started to feel sick inside. They visited many doctors but no one had the cure. In their darkest moment they suddenly heard a tiny voice.

It softly said, “before you lose everything reach out to me. Try me on no matter how afraid you are. For facing fear head to head is the source to becoming a superhero.”

They were at the brink of losing it all so they took heed of this voice and thought of their helmet.

They reached far into the darkness, dusted off the cobwebs and plopped it on their head. Together they pursued the highway of life. Discovering doing what they loved was the mission of life.  And the helmet thought to himself, “love wins.”

*Bonus audio episodes:

This Chalene Johnson show is about recovering from setbacks and disappointments. She starts with a story about a man’s love for motorcycle riding and how he started living because of this.

As well as the James Altucher episode of how to turn fear into money where he and his wife (who I love!) mentions the Alchemist book.


With TLC,

Elisa Prell