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9 Love Notes to Send to Yourself and to Others

I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you’re in the world. Words by Elton John that travel straight to my heart. Words are powerful that can make us turn a 180. I’ve set a challenge to send love notes to my loved ones and possibly to strangers. I list a few that I have and am trying along the way.

My goal at the end of it all is to discover how or if it improves/impacts our lives. I hope you can join me on this challenge as well, would love to know how it goes and what ideas you all come up with as well!


  1. Sticky Note It – Whether it be on your bathroom mirror, your bedroom door, a desk, a computer, stick it down with a simple written message to how you hope their day goes, how you feel about them or a good quality about them. So far I’ve seen/heard appreciation after sticking it to my boyfriend especially with this one above!
  2. Chalk it out – Buy or create a chalkboard to write an inspirational quote or just a hello message. In my previous home, I painted a part of my entry wall with chalkboard paint. Just need a set of chalks and you are set! This created a community activity that my roommates and I enjoyed updating along the way. chalk-board-rev
  3. Dry Erase marker it – These are easy to use, come in different colors and a no fuss clean up with a damp paper towel. Write a colorful message that can color their day!
  4. Self Portrait – Draw yourself or others and write down qualities that you or they embrace. self-portrait
  5. Text it – Not just any text but a good morning text. I give daily morning texts or I receive one from my man which makes me feel wonderful. How about a step further where you also send to family and friends? Just the other morning I received a text from my friend Visa that read, “Good morning and hope you have a great day”. Just this simple text had me start off the morning with an extra smile.
  6. Journal it – Write what you are grateful for and or write what you are grateful about others and share it by sending a picture of it to them.
  7. Draw a feeling – I read about a husband who drew him and his wife crying and holding each other tight in their car after a miscarriage. Draw what you are feeling or an experience that you or others went through and share
  8. Email signature–  You can reach many with your email. What better way than to spruce up your signature. For the last couple of years I have added a picture next to my signature and try changing it up every month. This month it’s of two owls snuggling. I’ve received feedback such as, love it, made me smile and made me laugh. This makes an impact that can reach many. Signature-screenshot
  9. Email letter –  Instead of a handwritten letter, how about writing a letter by email to your loved ones. I send emails to my close friends similar to how we wrote letters back when I was in school. Soon you start a back and forth communication through email letters!
  10. Now your turn! Are there any other ways you let yourself or others know how much they are cared about? Comment on this post, would love to hear it!


How a Flower can give Power


Flower Power, My Carnation Piece

Flower Power. Do you feel power when seeing a flower? Do you give power to the flower for it to grow? Flower power has been a term many have used over the past decades but do we ever stop to really think how flowers make us feel?

These stunning plants give us beauty as we walk along the sidewalk, as we gaze over the stretched land driving to our destinations, in the center of our table, our neighbor’s front yard. Do we stop to smell the roses, to thank mother nature for creating this beauty for us to enjoy?

I explain further as to how and why flowers give us power and to the world itself.

Flower is a good Feng Shui. It is recommended to have fresh flowers inside the home to give liveliness inward to outward. Lately I’ve been following this recommendation. I find carnations do the best for me. They seem to live the longest in a vase. Inspired by their willingness to thrive I created a piece about this flower (above).

And if you head over to Holistic Space you see a list of seasonal flowers to use around your home throughout the year.


My backyard sunflowers

Not only do flowers do wonders inside but thrive well outside, giving you a reason to step out more often than not. I was lucky enough to have sunflowers grow in my backyard just from leftover spilled sunflower seeds from my bird feeder. Last year I had over a dozen but this year was just one. From a dozen to one it still had me be in the moment by looking at them in awe. Try to have a bird feeder not only will you might have flowers grow from it but will have birds coming near and far, making you appreciate life itself.


My front yard rose bushes

I planted pink roses in my front yard that bloom through out the year. They have sustained both droughts and floods. Rose have a delicate beauty to them but just below the petals is a thorny stem. The same could be said for us.

Most of the time to get to our inward delicate true self we put up walls and barriers that we force people to get on over to reach the beauty. Can go even further to say that life in general is like this. If you really want something then you will find a way to get over the wall. The wall is there to stop the people who really don’t want it and the ones that do to make the win that much sweeter.

But just like any other plant you need to provide tender loving care. Stats have shown the most successful plants that thrive are from caretakers that talk to them. When you talk to your plants you emit carbon dioxide in which they need to live. But there is something deeper than just chemicals, mentally when we talk out loud to someone or a plant we feel good afterwards and who knows the plants may too.


The last flower piece I’ve done as of late is a daisy. A simply drawing with a simple short rhymed poem. Grow bright like the daisy, don’t die away from laziness. Flowers keep growing each and every day even if its just a minuscule.

In our own lives we need to remind ourselves to keep growing, keep learning, keep doing, keep making a step into making our dreams true. Cultivate it, feed it and see in awe how it grows.  In my life I set up reminders to write at least twice a day if only for 15 minutes each. A reminder to draw if only a quick outline, to meditate in the mornings, to read a chapter from the bible at night, to exercise, etc. All this doing/growth I feel points me to the sunlight, to the right direction in blooming into my full potential.


Fill Yourself with Unlimited Powers (Used Leftover Carnations)

My dad’s favorite flower was the bluebonnet. I remember how he would light up talking about it, plant them every year and stop by the side of the road to see them. I wish I’d given him bluebonnets to him as a gift to enjoy. Giving is one of the most powerful medicines. From a vase of a dozen roses to jut one wildflower, give it to someone you love for no real special occasion other than to show them you care.

I end with a handful of Instagram profiles who emit the flower power. Check them out by clicking on their photo posts below!





With TLC,



DIY Monster Crafts for a Kid’s Birthday Party



Crafting always takes me into a moment of being present, being peaceful and just having fun. This crafting project was for my childhood friends son’s 1st birthday party. We are pretty much like family so I jumped right in saying yes I could help.

But to be honest after a while I was telling myself I don’t have time, pushing it aside to the last minute. I don’t know why we at times push away things that can bring us the most joy. At the end I discovered I had a lot of fun with it and next time I’ll make it at the top of my list.

The theme of the party was monsters, cute monsters that is. I was in charge of the photo booth display/props, monster masks and monster cans for a ball tossing game.

I listed the supplies I used along with how to steps in making these projects. Enjoy!

Overall Supplies

Scissors, streamers, poster boards, tine cans, ping pong balls, markers, string, print out of monster eyes and mouths, a banner, hot glue gun, foam paper, construction paper, ping pong balls, fuzz balls, fuzzy sticks, and felt letters.



Photo Booth Display 

I grabbed a a handful of streamers in different colors snipping the edges with scissors to give them more depth and be playful. Then looped them over the string that would have them hang. As I brought them over I twisted them to give a little movement.



For the banner that went across the streamers, it was a made out of felt which I found at Target, along with felt letters with sticking in the back to mount onto the banner. You can find any type of banner to hang across the streamers at your local party store or here online is what was similar to mine.

I then cut out extra monster mouth and eye printouts to paste onto thin colorful strings (you can find at a Dollar Tree).  To have the printouts give a more sturdy backing I pasted them onto extra pieces of foam boards.

Photo Booth Props


For props I googled images of monster mouths and printed them out in color, gluing them onto neon colored poster boards for a sturdy backing and then onto doll rods with a hot glue gun. You can find these doll rods online, your craft store or even Dollar Tree store. I also used the poster boards to cut out shapes to write sayings such as “My Monster” and “AAAHHH”.

White poster board works great so you can use colored markets to make it pop and outlining the edges of the shapes with black marker gives an extra touch. But also neon bright colored poster board works as well when just using a black marker.

♥ Monster wearable masks and feet


The mom wanted masks for the kids to wear around the party, genius idea! To make it easy to wear by not having the kids to wear it over their eyes, I made them into like a head dress where you wrapped it around your forehead.

I used foam paper to cut out the shapes of the head mask (rectangular shape), hot glued googly eyeballs, and fuzz balls/sticks to look like antennas/monster ears. I poked holes on the sides of the masks to place a thing string on each side through and out to where you tie it from behind. You could also use those stretchy elastic cords here or from Hobby Lobby to have them just pull over their head.

For the feet I used foam cut outs that were already pre-cut into shapes of feet that I found at the Dollar Tree. If wanting to do them your own you can print out a shape of a monster foot that you find online and trace it onto the foam to cut out. On the big toes I placed fuzz balls and drew circles onto the feet giving them a wort like look. The cut slits and made a hole in center for them to slip their feet into.

♥ Monster Ball Toss Cans


I collected cans along the way to make this project. These particular cans were wet dog food cans that I use on a continuous basis. My dogs eat this stuff every day so needless to say it was easy to accumulate. Other cans easy to collect can be beaned/vegetable cans, soup cans or anything that you feel you use a lot of.

For the background, I used colored construction paper and cut it to the width and length of the can then glued it with hot glue gun. Then used googly eyes, gluing it to the center of the can (some cans have one big eye or three small eyes, just have fun with it)! I used the fuzzy balls and fuzzy sticks as hair on top and cut ear like shapes from the foam board as well.

For the mouths you can draw them in or print out monster mouth images to glue below the eyes. The lids were so the cans could be stacked up onto one another if the kids were going to toss the cans down with a ball. I found these lids at the grocery store in the pet isle or you can find them here. Also ping pong balls were used for the kids to toss them into the cans.

In the end the party was a monster success! So go ahead and make a fun theme out of the next party you have scheduled, you’ll not only have a blast at the party but will also love creating it!




With TLC,


10 Ways a Dog can help you Appreciate Life


I have gradually increased my drawing series that entails my dog somewhere in the piece. Throughout the years she’s had me stop to smell the roses….literally.

The past 8 years with her has given me more compassion, more understanding, more inspiration and more love. I truly believe she was meant for me as I was meant for her.

For all that she has done for me, I thought I’d show appreciation by having her in some of my drawings and writings. For this post in honor of her and to all dogs, I’m showing my drawings and photos of her along with 10 ways she helps increase enjoyment of life and how you can follow these steps in your own life as well!



Every morning she stretches her little legs and neck as soon as she sees me get up from bed. It’s a good routine to have, getting ready for the day, giving your body a good feeling and mentally knowing you are capable to seize the day.

♥ Massage

My dog loves massages, can’t get enough of them! Whether it’s a face massage, ear massage, leg massage, belly massage she doesn’t care as long as she gets physical affection. So have someone give you a massage like a loved one or a massage parlor. Let yourself get pampered, you deserve a treat and don’t be afraid to ask for one like my dog, she has no shame.



♥ Greeting 

When returning home, as soon as I get close to the door I can hear her squeal with delight. She jumps all over me covering me with kisses. Next time you come home to your loved ones give them an ecstatic greeting even if it’s just an excited hello, how was your day question to your roommate. They and yourself will feel good about it.

♥ Walking 

It never fails every day she wants to go on a walk. It’s a routine we have that’s twice a day, in the morning and evening. Exercise gets your blood flowing, releases those feel good endorphin. So get up a little earlier and go on that walk, your body and mind will thank you.


♥ Stare into Nature

Whenever she’s outside in the backyard or during a walk she’ll just plop down and stare out into nature, taking it all in. We have a big field out behind my suburban block and at times we will just sit in the grass both staring out into the vast beautiful sky. She had me do this alongside her, never really taking much thought of my surroundings until I had her.


♥ Alone Time

There are times she’ll sneak off into her dog bed in my bedroom or go under the bed/table. As if saying this is now my alone time please let me be. We all need those times to ourselves to refuel, process our thoughts or just be. I suggest do a little meditation or just sit quietly on your bed breathing in and out with all the gadgets out of sight.


♥ Naps 

My dog snoozes on and off through out the day. After her siesta she is ready to go once more wanting to play. More than 85% of mammals sleep short periods through out the day. But us humans find ourselves running overboard without our full night’s sleep. A short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance. So take that nap when you can. I’ve fit it in during my lunch break at work in my car. If that’s not possible for you find another time bracket after work to fit it in.

♥ Play Time

A good toy doesn’t last long, soon stuffing is coming out of it because she’s tugged at it or chewed it to pieces. She let’s me know when I’m working too much and wanting me to take a break to play with her. I reluctantly do so but grateful afterwards because she had me laughing the whole time. So play with your loved ones, like a game of frisbee, pool, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping.


♥ Cuddle Time

Not only does she stretch in the mornings but she also comes up to my face nuzzling next to me. When falling asleep she prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed near my feet. But in the mornings it is our cuddle time. Make that initiative to cuddle with your loved one, if you don’t have someone sleeping next to you, then give a family or friend a big ole long warm hug.


♥ Listen

She might not understand me but she looks at me intently as I rattle off my thoughts to her. Yes I talk out loud and to my dog even though she probably doesn’t understand me…although we don’t know 100% if she does or not! Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, have the intention to really listen to what they have to say and not just wait for your turn to talk. You might just learn something new and they will see your are genuine and vice versa. You’ll feel good that you gave your full attention.

Comment if you have or will try any of these! And if you don’t have a dog…think about getting one soon! 😉


♥♥ Bonus

And when you fall, fail, find yourself falling apart, find a way to get back up and keep on going creating your own foundation because our dogs sure do!

And I end with a video about a man and his dog, an unwavering love. (warning sad but is a must see)


With TLC,



10 Reasons Virgin Mary can be a Role Model for Women

Virgin Mary made out of metal and glass

Virgin Mary made out of metal and glass (at a corner store in east Austin,TX)

Ever since Easter has passed, I think of how Jesus came to be, how he was able to rise again.

Of course he came from God but God needed a vessel, who was Mary. She was a strong sturdy soul who could carry this weight, the weight of the world all inside of her to hold. God was there along the way but let’s face it this is a heavy responsibility that I would have double thoughts about because you don’t see God there physically holding your hand along the way. Instead you have to have faith which she sure did, she accepted without questions or hesitation.

As I commute from work to home I see the Virgin Mary displayed around me at corner stores and front yards of homes. She shines her graceful face holding a cool demeanor looking over us as we commute in this thing we call life. I must confess I don’t attend church on a regular basis, find myself having mixed beliefs and not set on one religion.

Although I do believe in a higher power and do call this higher power, God. This power I believe is within us all, it is love and some of us just need to reach further within to bring it forth. After attending this past weekend to an Easter service at a 125 year old church, I was overcome with a feeling of love and beauty all around.

Mary brought forth her love from within to bring forth God’s son, who would sacrifice himself to forgive our sins. She sacrificed in a way by knowing she would be giving up her son for the betterment of the world.

Sister-Mary bible verse dried flower petals

My drawing of Virgin Mary using leftover dried flower petals

I have 10 points below of why she is our role model and how we can implement some or all into our own lives to accomplish our dreams.

Had her son while still a virgin (this has been argued but I’m going with the story I knew as a child). Joseph planned to divorce her after learning she was pregnant but because of Mary’s strong believe to carry this baby and of God’s will he decided to stay with her.

In our own lives we will come across something we strongly believe in but at times our loved ones might be against it but if we believe in it with our whole heart then continue on and I am sure the ones who really care about you will stay on board like Joseph did. 

Angel Gabriel appeared to her to announce that she was the divine selection to be the mother of Jesus. She responded, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done unto me according to your word.”

Signs can come to us in dreams, billboards, music like a guardian angel. Up to us to have our eyes open to see these signs and interpret how it will help you in life to lead you to your dreams coming true. 

A member of the early Christian community in Jerusalem.

Become a member of a community that supports your passion, your beliefs and that will help guide you along the path of life. 

She married Joseph and accompanied him to Bethlehem. No place in the inn she conceived her son, Jesus in the manger.

If you are traveling, going on your path to accomplish your dreams and come upon an obstacle find another way to conceive it. 

Many churches believe she is not only Mother of Jesus but Mother of God.

As we follow our destiny, we will find that you’ll gain a larger group of loved ones that you will give to and vice versa. 

First follower of Jesus.

Follow others that you believe in, that will also help you in your own life even if no one else is following them. Or can see it as your own passion that you are trying to achieve, get it done even when you have no followers, viewers, Facebook followers, they will come eventually. 

She asked Jesus to provide wine when it ran low at a wedding. She believed in him and she was to be a witness to the glory of her son.

Believe in others even when they don’t believe in themselves. Or let’s say your own business hasn’t produced results, push further by creating another product and see where it goes. 

She approached Jesus when he was left behind at the temple. She wanted to and did protect Jesus from getting himself in trouble with the leaders.

Protect your baby, your own dream business, when there are naysayers protect it and shield it from them until it can shine bright on it’s own and succeed. 

Mary’s concern for helping the poor like them. The Letter of James states that her and her children believe that genuine religion means taking care of people like them.

Not only do we help ourselves but seek to help others who are in need. I find when we help others we get much more in return than we ever expected.  

She witnessed her son Jesus being crucified. 

There might be something or someone we hold close to our hearts that we lose but if we know it’s time is up, let it go for this will make room for something so much better. 


I hope you enjoyed! From being inspired by her I drew her. I find myself continuing my passion of art. So you too go forth and create your passions into reality!


With TLC,






My time at SXSW 2016

Johnny Cash and June Carter

Drawing of Johnny Cash and June Carter

I drew the truest sound couple I know, Johnny Cash and June Carter. Austin is flooded with artists who draw their imagination and paint murals that lightens the day for us. This power music couple has stood within the test of times through our headphones and speakers. The murals we see now but one day may be a ball of dust but will carry the music on by these artists and so many more.

Mural of Willie Nelson (Austin,TX)

Mural of Willie Nelson (Austin,TX)

The Willie Nelson mural was created just before this year’s SXSW. He was the first to showcase his music on ACL, Austin City Limits Live television show in 1974, paving the ways for others to shine their music unto us. He is like the logo of Austin, Texas. This mural stands bright over downtown welcoming all who come forth to feel the music in their bones.

SXSW comes and goes every year but I never grow weary of it and think I never will. I hear the grunts and complaints of people who work downtown, the locals avoiding this area when this music celebration spills over.

SXSW 2016 Crowd (photo by me)

SXSW 2016 Crowd (photo by me)

I welcome it though, I welcome the hustling bustling of crowds, the music pounding through the bars, authors speaking their hearts out. I welcome the free drinks, the free sunglasses, the free totes, the free coffee and free performances to watch.

I didn’t snatch a SXSW wrist badge, didn’t take off from work but took advantage of my lunch times, mini breaks and stayed after work when I could to catch the festivities. Tied to my desk, staring down my computer, I accepted this dance with music downtown. It was a breath of fresh air to see new people flying and driving in to hear music from all over the world.

SXSW sign

SXSW sign (photo by me)

There was no itinerary but instead I decided to go by the seat of my pants wonder out with coworkers to discover what was a few blocks away, what rabbit hole I could fall into.


Taco Truck (Austin,TX)

Taco Truck (Austin,TX)

First of all there was the food! Need fuel for this event so what better way than to have the staple of food trucks all along the downtown streets. This food trunk in particular had a cute sign reflecting the actual “I Love You So Much” mural we have on South Congress. Not only that but I managed to snatch free Chick-fil-A burgers at Pandora event along with hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches at the Videotape recharge your phone event.


Cafe Bustelo provided free coffee of your choice for their grand opening during the festivities straight in the heart of 6th Street. Their coffee and their ambiance setting made a strong impact.

What better way to pair coffee than with donuts? After the fast pace walking along the streets we decided to stop at Voodoo to snatch donuts. Our good friend coworker was so kind to give us each one which was enough to give me the greatest sweet tooth I ever encountered but so worth it.




Autographed “Born For This” Book (photo by Rafael Marquez)

The first day of the week we managed to sneak into the event where we caught a free presentation from the author, Chris Guillebeau. It was a serendipitous moment all falling into place perfectly to find this gem of a guy who I had heard on various interviews one held by one of my favorite YouTube star, Marie Forleo. I was inspired by him because he traveled to every single country, headed his own business, found his joy, and interviewed people across the globe of how they found their joy that lead to their calling.

Netspend Local Artist Gallery (photo by me)

Netspend Local Artist Gallery (photo by me)

Netspend Local Artist Gallery

Netspend Local Artist Gallery (photo by me)

Right here at my job was an art gallery for anyone to walk in and enjoy. The event was held by Netspend, another company that shares the building with us who shared local artist’s pieces for the public to view. I feel it was a way for travelers to get to know Austin better and for the chance to buy these works of art to share the beauty of them to others.



During Saint Patrick’s Day we caught a band representing the history of Ireland, walking along the streets going in and out of bars playing the traditional Irish music dressed to the nines in kilts.

St. Patrick's Day SXSW 2016

St. Patrick’s Day SXSW 2016

Grabbed green beer on 2nd street where people in green were in rows of crowds mingling. The place was a cute quaint outside venue for free where right next door, the Irish pub was charging $15 to get in. I was on a streak of free events and wasn’t going to break it.


Street performers filled us in awe of their talents and street wear. One that stood out among the crowds were the Ninja Turtles. Their sign read, “Need Money for Pizza.” Almost every day I would see them along the streets giving people a ride down memory lane.



And had to end on a high note, the main reason SXSW happens, the music. I didn’t catch any big name bands but finding hidden gems made it just as special. For the Pandora event, a Canadian band, The Strumbellas was about to perform during my lunch break and so I spent filling myself up watching their performance. Their music was delicious along with their lyrics that fueled me to feel the love of music.

Not only were there big bands but small street bands that made just as big of a crowd. There were jazz street bands, drummers using buckets and sole singers. Below is a compilation of the music I videotaped along the way.

Hope you enjoyed my mini sound bites of SXSW. What type of music drives your soul, gets you going?


With TLC,


How to Get Luck in Your Life

Drawing of Lucky the Dragon by Me

Drawing of Lucky the Dragon by Me

Above is my drawing I did for St. Patrick’s Day. I wanted it to be of a fairy tale mystic feeling using a dragon sleeping on a bed of four leaf clovers because how much more magical is that!

As the day came to an end, I thought of all the stories and myths behind this day. I feel that we can be lucky in all of our lives. We do not need to find the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow or a four leave clover to have luck.

Luck is within ourselves waiting for us to find it and bring it forth. One way finding your luck is meditating to be still to where you can find your innermost needs that your heart has been yearning for.

Another way is to write down what lucky incidences have come your way that day. Where it feels like a serendipitous/ah ha moment coming together too perfectly to be a coincidence.

Just recently I had a lucky moment during the SXSW festivities here in Austin,TX. My coworker and I decided to walk around during lunch to take advantage that we are located downtown where it was all happening. We stumbled upon an event that my coworker had heard by mouth that morning about it being fee and free cappuccino. We couldn’t say no to…yummy coffee!

SXSW Event - Speaker - Chris Guillebeau

SXSW Event – Speaker – Chris Guillebeau

I had no idea what the event was for when all of a sudden I saw their slide show about an author who was going to speak about finding what you were born to do. It all clicked it was Chris Guillebeau who has been interviewed by some of my favorite people like Marie Forleo. Sure enough he soon stepped on stage at the event and was talking about his new book, Born for This. I couldn’t believe we were hearing him speak for free and not only that he handed out a handful of free books that he autographed himself. Come to find out he was originally to speak earlier but he had to be moved to a later time, the time I happened to be there. This was a truly magical lucky moment.

Me receiving my free autographed book - Photo by Rafael Marquez

Me receiving my free autographed book – Photo by Rafael Marquez

So write down, take a photo or draw your lucky moments that you “stumble” upon and feel free to share with others! It’s like a leprechaun steering you to your pot of gold just need to look out for the signs!

I plan on writing a review of this book after I am done reading and next week to showcase all the free SXSW festivities that I attended!


With TLC,


A Compilation of My Art Works for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate this day I would like to share some of my top art works that I believe help empower/showcase women in the shining spot light. Hope you enjoy!


Eleanor Roosevelt Quote

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote

Wednesday from Adams Family

Wednesday from Adams Family (used reused ground coffee beans)

Super Hero Woman (reused ground coffee beans)

Super Hero Woman (reused ground coffee beans)

Spider Web Lady (reused coffee ground beans)

Spider Web Lady (reused coffee ground beans)

Frida Kahlo quote with my self-portrait

Frida Kahlo quote with my self-portrait

Rosa Parks Drawing

Rosa Parks

Cheetah Banana (reused banana peel)

Cheetah Banana (reused banana peel)

Love Yourself Ink Drawing (made during Valentine's Day)

Love Yourself Ink Drawing (made during Valentine’s Day)

I Love Me (reused chopsticks and fallen flower petals)

I Love Me (reused chopsticks and fallen flower petals)

I am Strong (quote from bible)

I am Strong (quote from bible)



With TLC,


Wonderful Things Around the Web


Illustration and Poem by Me (reused used coffee ground beans)

As the month of Love and Black History has passed I would like to showcase items around the web that honored these themes. The links listed below fall into categories such as relationships, self-love, fun date ideas, music and role-models.

♥ Sarah Wilson writes how Thich Nhat Hanh teaches to welcome the emptiness and fill it with ourselves rather than finding an object to fill it for us.

All the wonderful things that you are looking for–happiness, peace, and joy–can be found inside of you. You do not need to look anywhere else.”  — Thich Nhat Hanhu

♥ This lady, Jessa Crispin finds happiness within herself through a sole journey in Spain discovering the stories behind the historical women in the past.

♥ Baggage Claim sorts out the luggage of being in a new relationship approaching it with new eyes instead of already predicting it will go down like past relationships.

♥ Here are signs that say your man is a good one by Huffington Post and discovering if you are heading in the right direction.

♥ While you are on the right track with your partner check out these adventures you two can go on to celebrate Valentine’s day or any day of the year!

♥ Positively Present did a Find the Good February where you find the good all around and in you. Every week she wrote a blog post with a theme to find the good in it and welcomed all to join. It’s not February anymore but doesn’t mean you can’t practice some of these activities.

♥ Go on this journey of Aisle’s engagement, first post is the story of their first date and how it led down the road to him proposing.

♥ A white man seeking to find friendship through black people as he finds himself slowly more and more being surrounded only by white people.

♥ An African-American author, Octavia Butler who passed away recently but left behind her journal entries of her vision for success and from it to help other African-Americans along the way.

♥ Gala write’s about unearthing your seduction into full mode without shame.

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7 Ways to show Equality like Rosa Parks


My Drawing of Rosa Parks. Used Pencil and Watercolors

As Black History month comes to an end I would like to shine the light on one of the most influential role models in history, Rosa Parks. She helped pave the way to gain equality for all. I am still in disbelief how we could treat other human beings this way just because of color, of race, of being different. When it comes down to it we are all the same, we are all humans but just come in different colors like a crayon box.

Many of us will never know the experiences people faced head on with racism and inequality in their day to day life. I am forever grateful we have evolved where I am able to go anywhere and do about just anything like everyone else. Even though we have grown from it there is still work to do because of lingering inequality we face even if ever so slightly.

I myself have experienced this in my personal life, not as much as others but it has stayed with me forever, making me aware we do not all look the same and are treated differently because of it.  I am half white and half Hispanic but with my brown skin tone many would assume I am full Hispanic.

I faced this realization of inequality in middle school on the basketball team. One day the coach had split us up into two lines interrogating us because someone had stolen an item from the gym. One line consisted those who were thought to have committed the crime and the other line was innocent. I was part of the assumed guilty group and as I looked down the line I saw all were of color, Hispanics and Blacks. Turns out none of the assumed guilty had done the crime.

This has never left me, had dented my self-confidence and put up a shield at that time which has taken me time to put down.

Below I list the top equality attributes/deeds done by this extraordinary woman and how we can implement this in our own lives. Let’s not forgot our history for we do not want to repeat it, treat others equally in the present and pave the future for others to live in an equal loving world.

Photo by NY Times

Photo by NY Times

1. Rosa Parks stood her ground or we can say literally sat her seat no matter what anyone told her. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks paid her bus fare and sat at an empty seat in the first row in the “colored” section. Her row was directly behind the ten seats reserved for white passengers.

Soon all of the white-only seats in the bus filled up and to make room for the next group of white passengers she was ordered to move back to have room for the whites. Three others moved but she did not knowing all along this was wrong. She felt, “they had endured too long, the more we gave in, the more we complied with that treatment, the more oppressive it became.”

Lesson: No matter if someone tells you you are wrong or others follow suite, follow your heart and at the end you will win in victory.

2. After being arrested for a so called crime she had her trial on December 5th where the WPC came together to protest by distributing over 35,000 leaflets reading, “We are asking every Negro to stay off the buses on Monday in protest of the arrest and trial of Rosa Parks. If you work take a cab, or walk but please children and grown-ups, don’t ride the bus all Monday.

Lesson: When you stand up for what you believe in for the betterment of all then others will rise, will support or at least you will make an impact/touch others in some way to move in that direction.

3. Parks became active in the Civil Rights Movements with such leaders as Martin Luther King and member of the NAACP as secretary. Parks investigated the gang-rape of Recy Taylor, a black woman from Abbeville, Alabama where she helped to organize the “Committee for Equal Justice for Mrs. Recy Taylor. The Chicago defender would go on to say it was “the strongest campaign for equal justice to be seen in a decade.”

Lesson: If you are passionate about something join a group such as a Meetup or Facebook group that have like minded folks where you can relate to each other. As a group you are stronger by putting your heads together for ideas to move your passion/ideals forward to the community.

4. She was honored for her actions in later years but suffered during those times by being fired from her job as a seamstress in a local department store along with receiving death threats. On the other hand it opened doors for her where she served as a secretary and receptionist for John Conyers, an African American U.S. Representative.

Lesson: During the times when she was working towards equality she faced many hardships but kept moving forward not giving up. The road to what you are meant to do in life will not be smooth and easy, it will be tough with bumps along the way but have faith for this is only a test of strength to keep going into achieving more than you could imagine.

5. Her past was growing up in a poor family, having to drop out of school to care for her grandmother. She recalled going to elementary school where the school buses took white students to their new school but black students had to walk theirs. She preserved to attain her degree where at the time less than 7% of African Americans had a high school diploma.

Lesson: Let’s not have our past be a crutch or form our present and future selves but let it be a learning tool to overcome those obstacles to become our better selves from it.

6. After going through all these experiences she wrote her story, in 1992 she published Rosa Parks: My Story, an autobiography recounting her life in the South. Later she continued her passion by publishing, Quiet Strength in 1995 which is of her memoirs.

Lesson: When you go through hardships in your life share them with others through a positive creative tool such as painting, music, writing, comedy or however you like to express your feelings. This way you are showing others they are not alone and to help give them confidence to rise above for what they believe in as well.

7. Her legacy continued even after her death by celebrating her through memorial ceremonies. A commemorative U.S. Postal Service stamp, called the Rosa Parks Forever stamp was created in honor of her. Shortly after President Barack Obama unveiled a statue honoring Parks in the nation’s Capitol building. Her legacy lives on and lived a long life at 93 passing away quietly in her home.

Lesson: Remember we only have a short time here on earth so let’s make the best of it. Follow what’s in your hearts, for you at the end and others will know you followed your true self and not that of others.

One of the top 5 regrets of the dying is that they didn’t follow their true selves but instead tried to please others. Rosa Parks rose above following her belief not letting anyone tell her otherwise. Keep this in mind yourself when confronted with an obstacle to stand up and show your rights.

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