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What to Love around the Internet Web


“The Beloved Web” Piece by Me

That time again to go travel around the web of finding what inspires us to keep going in this thing we call life. Take a break and enjoy the cyber content out there that can motivate us into creating our own aspirations. What better way than to start off with a drawing I did above of a web, simply writing the words, “I Love You”. (a play on of Charlotte’s Web)

Amazing Articles!

♥ A simple short layout of how to start when you are struggling to stay on course by Zenhabits 

♥ How to live a good life that Positively Present was inspired by The Ten Golden Rules book 

♥ A new spin on how to visualize by seeing it as extreme daydreaming by personal self

Personal Self also shows a great way of how to overcome the poverty mentality 

♥ Love to learn different ways of approaching morning routines this is a great one by Pick the Brain

The Middle Finger Project shows what it means to have a really good life

How Gala wants you to keep your passion flame going when it starts to dwindle

♥ Pick the Brain says don’t worry you are exactly where you need to be!

Hawaii holds a spot in my heart since visiting a few years back and Universe Letters writes the inspirational meanings behind Aloha, which I loved using  the word in Hawaii and really should use here! 

How RuPaul has the stick-with-it-ness down by GQ

10 natural ways to increase your brain’s happy levels!  by Collective Evolution 

♥ 10 writing tips from Rebecca Solnit

♥ Positively Present gives our her ultimate book gift list to check out! I always need more books in my life : )

♥ Galactic Wanderlust asks what differentiates us between the animal kingdom

Inspirational Instagrams! 

Universe Letters– Inspiring daily messages and photographs


Idillionaire – Inspires to conscious living


itsmebillielee – Inspiring quotes to do what you love and representing the transgender community


amberibarreche – artist creating inspiring messages on anything she can get a hold of


augustwren – inspiring beautiful paintings and does a 12 month painting challenge for anyone to join


Pondering Podcasts!

Holistic Spaces talks about how to make your bedroom feel peaceful, love the idea of adding plants!

I’m a little late to the Serial train but if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! It’s a great mystery story.

And once you are done with Serial go ahead and listen to Undisclosed who goes into more depth about the convicted high schooler, Adnan

Loved music from Jewel back in the day and love her even more hearing her on Altucher’s podcast with her conscious philosophical in the moment strive for the best message

Join the ProBlogger blog challenge! He will be stating a challenge once a month with a Facebook group to join as a way to share your blog and share others

Vantastic Videos!

Great tips on how to find a mentor and it doesn’t have to be face to face!

I’ve now decided to attend the School of Life! (through watching their videos that is)

How Maggie the Cow taught about letting go

Don’t stop, keep going and you will get to where you want to be


Hope you enjoyed! If you have any of your own inspiring web content to share please feel free to comment!

With TLC,


How Money can be Your Good Friend


Most of us have heard/read the saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” But does it really not? Throughout the years we’ve been taught money is evil, that to follow your passion you need to be the starving artist.

Although a mind shift seems to be happening in that money is actually good for us. That money can treat us right if we see and treat it as good. Heck even the researchers state one of the main reasons marriages end in divorce or the cause of stress in relationships is due to money issues.

I had a difficult time creating the above piece because thinking people would perceive me as a money hungry monster. But I let this monster out to show how much love it can give us and vice versa.

I researched two grand videos from Marie Forleo, where I listed her points of having positive minds shifts about money along with my own two cents.

$ Organize your money – Don’t necessarily need to iron out every single bill like Marie does but straightening them out and placing them in an orderly fashion into your wallet can suffice! Just like they say a messy bed is a messy head well messy money can make you a messy junkie (my own words).

$ Pick up money – If you see anything lying around even a penny pick it up! Heads or tails it’s good luck as long as you believe in it! Keep this loose change in a jar then retrieve for dollars. Giving the time to acknowledge any type of money sends a message of respect to money and money to respect you back.

$ Give yourself a reality check – Many other countries get paid squat an hour compare to our hourly wage. Think of all the things you do have, even the simple things like a roof over your head, clean water, and food. This is giving gratitude to what you have which in turn can give you more.

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more.” – Oprah 

$ Bring Your Own Luxury – Instead of going to a restaurant for a nice dinner have it done at your own place by using any nice plates, candles and music. Or instead of going to a spa place how about drawing up a nice bath with bubbles, salts, candles and music. Creating a luxurious environment can make you feel like you are living the high life.

Get an ATM Machine –  ATM also known as “Automatic Transformative Mantra”. Any time you make a check or pay a bill say, “There is always more where that came from. Basically say feel good statements about money to yourself but feel it in your bones away from scarcity.

$ Create a fun fund – Make money fun! For example this money can be for a date night, traveling or just buying yourself a little treat. You will start realizing how money can pay off in a fun way towards your experiences in life.

$ Build your money knowledge – Watch and read up on money through blogs, sites, videos, podcasts, seminars and books. My favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad which had me start my first big investment and my favorite podcast to create wealth is Smart Passive Income.

$ Spread the wealth – Give back. Even if you don’t have much, give a dollar to the next homeless person you see or invite your friend/family member to a cup of coffee. There are many online charity groups to donate of your choice. Marie personally donates to the charity, KIVA loans that change lives.

Bonus points (from me personally)

Write a check to yourself – Jim Carrey did it and it worked for him! You can print out a check template here. Keep it in your wallet and don’t forget to look at it every once in a while to remind yourself that you deserve and will receive this money.

Check your account – Look over your account statements and transactions. I used to dread this by avoiding it all together which lead to overdraft fees due to my lack of knowledge and denial about my money. But the more you check the more you will feel at ease. And when checking your numbers say to yourself, “my money is overflowing.”

$ Set up automatic payments – Not only does it decrease bills in the mail but decreases your worry about making these payments. Creating a trust between yourself and your money.

Let me know your thoughts of these points or if you have any tips on how you spend your thoughts about money!


With TLC,



How to get a Passport to get Closer to your Dreams of Traveling

travel-poem2I have many travel ideas that vary from taking an RV across the US vising every state to traveling all over Europe with my old college friends leading the way (which note I haven’t talked to in years).

Saying these plans to myself and out loud can seem at times irrational. Some reactions are of a surprised look along with a fake smile, or a look of knowing I won’t make it without even so much a smile, or just the mere rolling of their eyes is enough of a message.

My own mother gives me a look of sheer terror saying to me my thoughts are crazy and don’t I want to settle down. My answer is of course I want to settle down but I don’t have to settle down in one spot but settle all over the world with my significant other.

But I have wondered as of late, maybe I deserve these looks of disbelief. Sure I’ve traveled here and there but they have never reached my grandiose made up travel plans. So I have decided to take actual steps leading to all my travel dream destinations.

These beginning steps are not out of this world yet rather mundane and may seem common sense. But these steps are needed, to solidify dreams, to see the progress you make. Small steps lead to the big picture.

First Step: Get a passport.

Side Note: If you are renewing a passport but is expired more than 15 years (like mine, missing by one year!) then you will need to present yourself in person and offer more documentation as you would as applying for the first time. I had the luxury of my mother always setting me up with my passport, heck she even has my birth certificate! But I am a grown up and grown ups do their own responsible tasks right!??. If renewing then you fill out a different form and all your documents can be mailed off. 



  1. Take the picture. This picture can be taken at your local drugstore or post office. Be sure not to wear a white, or very light shirt for you’ll seem to have a floating head that is taken in front of a white background (great for Halloween spoof). Take advantage of this picture taking by gettin your hair did, putting on your favorite lipstick or chapstick and an outfit that screams you! You’ll be seeing this picture for a while so why not do it the best you can.
  2. Have your documents ready! I had the mistake of not having my birth certificate and having to go through steps with my mother to get it into my hands. They do not accept a copy so be sure to bring your actual certificate along with another form of identification such as a drivers license.
  3. Fill out the documents. Visit here to fill out and download your DS-11 paperwork. Be prepared to provide your parents information such as birth dates, your most recent passport book number (if you have one), and emergency contact information.
  4. Show up in person. At the end of filling out your paperwork the site will lead you to a list of location nearest you of where to submit all your items. If possible choose a cool location! I happen to choose the Travis County building which is a historical courthouse built 84 years ago.
  5. To receive the routine of 4 to 8 weeks you will pay $110 if you are 16 or above. You can have it expedited in 2 to 3 weeks by paying a bit more. Be sure to have it as a check or money order because they do not accept cash or a card! The processing fee of $25 will be paid to the department and can be paid in cash, card or check. Payment details are here.

After this step is accomplished check it off your travel goal list! You will feel relieved, accomplished and ready to move on to the next step as you get closer and closer to your travel dreams.

To wrap it all up in a bow, how about you do a drawing of this step or write about it in some artistic way once completed like I did above? Further showcasing this step will let the Universe/God know that you are ready to take on the work to achieve what you have always desired.


With TLC,


9 Love Notes to Send to Yourself and to Others

I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you’re in the world. Words by Elton John that travel straight to my heart. Words are powerful that can make us turn a 180. I’ve set a challenge to send love notes to my loved ones and possibly to strangers. I list a few that I have and am trying along the way.

My goal at the end of it all is to discover how or if it improves/impacts our lives. I hope you can join me on this challenge as well, would love to know how it goes and what ideas you all come up with as well!


  1. Sticky Note It – Whether it be on your bathroom mirror, your bedroom door, a desk, a computer, stick it down with a simple written message to how you hope their day goes, how you feel about them or a good quality about them. So far I’ve seen/heard appreciation after sticking it to my boyfriend especially with this one above!
  2. Chalk it out – Buy or create a chalkboard to write an inspirational quote or just a hello message. In my previous home, I painted a part of my entry wall with chalkboard paint. Just need a set of chalks and you are set! This created a community activity that my roommates and I enjoyed updating along the way. chalk-board-rev
  3. Dry Erase marker it – These are easy to use, come in different colors and a no fuss clean up with a damp paper towel. Write a colorful message that can color their day!
  4. Self Portrait – Draw yourself or others and write down qualities that you or they embrace. self-portrait
  5. Text it – Not just any text but a good morning text. I give daily morning texts or I receive one from my man which makes me feel wonderful. How about a step further where you also send to family and friends? Just the other morning I received a text from my friend Visa that read, “Good morning and hope you have a great day”. Just this simple text had me start off the morning with an extra smile.
  6. Journal it – Write what you are grateful for and or write what you are grateful about others and share it by sending a picture of it to them.
  7. Draw a feeling – I read about a husband who drew him and his wife crying and holding each other tight in their car after a miscarriage. Draw what you are feeling or an experience that you or others went through and share
  8. Email signature–  You can reach many with your email. What better way than to spruce up your signature. For the last couple of years I have added a picture next to my signature and try changing it up every month. This month it’s of two owls snuggling. I’ve received feedback such as, love it, made me smile and made me laugh. This makes an impact that can reach many. Signature-screenshot
  9. Email letter –  Instead of a handwritten letter, how about writing a letter by email to your loved ones. I send emails to my close friends similar to how we wrote letters back when I was in school. Soon you start a back and forth communication through email letters!
  10. Now your turn! Are there any other ways you let yourself or others know how much they are cared about? Comment on this post, would love to hear it!


How a Flower can give Power


Flower Power, My Carnation Piece

Flower Power. Do you feel power when seeing a flower? Do you give power to the flower for it to grow? Flower power has been a term many have used over the past decades but do we ever stop to really think how flowers make us feel?

These stunning plants give us beauty as we walk along the sidewalk, as we gaze over the stretched land driving to our destinations, in the center of our table, our neighbor’s front yard. Do we stop to smell the roses, to thank mother nature for creating this beauty for us to enjoy?

I explain further as to how and why flowers give us power and to the world itself.

Flower is a good Feng Shui. It is recommended to have fresh flowers inside the home to give liveliness inward to outward. Lately I’ve been following this recommendation. I find carnations do the best for me. They seem to live the longest in a vase. Inspired by their willingness to thrive I created a piece about this flower (above).

And if you head over to Holistic Space you see a list of seasonal flowers to use around your home throughout the year.


My backyard sunflowers

Not only do flowers do wonders inside but thrive well outside, giving you a reason to step out more often than not. I was lucky enough to have sunflowers grow in my backyard just from leftover spilled sunflower seeds from my bird feeder. Last year I had over a dozen but this year was just one. From a dozen to one it still had me be in the moment by looking at them in awe. Try to have a bird feeder not only will you might have flowers grow from it but will have birds coming near and far, making you appreciate life itself.


My front yard rose bushes

I planted pink roses in my front yard that bloom through out the year. They have sustained both droughts and floods. Rose have a delicate beauty to them but just below the petals is a thorny stem. The same could be said for us.

Most of the time to get to our inward delicate true self we put up walls and barriers that we force people to get on over to reach the beauty. Can go even further to say that life in general is like this. If you really want something then you will find a way to get over the wall. The wall is there to stop the people who really don’t want it and the ones that do to make the win that much sweeter.

But just like any other plant you need to provide tender loving care. Stats have shown the most successful plants that thrive are from caretakers that talk to them. When you talk to your plants you emit carbon dioxide in which they need to live. But there is something deeper than just chemicals, mentally when we talk out loud to someone or a plant we feel good afterwards and who knows the plants may too.


The last flower piece I’ve done as of late is a daisy. A simply drawing with a simple short rhymed poem. Grow bright like the daisy, don’t die away from laziness. Flowers keep growing each and every day even if its just a minuscule.

In our own lives we need to remind ourselves to keep growing, keep learning, keep doing, keep making a step into making our dreams true. Cultivate it, feed it and see in awe how it grows.  In my life I set up reminders to write at least twice a day if only for 15 minutes each. A reminder to draw if only a quick outline, to meditate in the mornings, to read a chapter from the bible at night, to exercise, etc. All this doing/growth I feel points me to the sunlight, to the right direction in blooming into my full potential.


Fill Yourself with Unlimited Powers (Used Leftover Carnations)

My dad’s favorite flower was the bluebonnet. I remember how he would light up talking about it, plant them every year and stop by the side of the road to see them. I wish I’d given him bluebonnets to him as a gift to enjoy. Giving is one of the most powerful medicines. From a vase of a dozen roses to jut one wildflower, give it to someone you love for no real special occasion other than to show them you care.

I end with a handful of Instagram profiles who emit the flower power. Check them out by clicking on their photo posts below!





With TLC,



DIY Monster Crafts for a Kid’s Birthday Party



Crafting always takes me into a moment of being present, being peaceful and just having fun. This crafting project was for my childhood friends son’s 1st birthday party. We are pretty much like family so I jumped right in saying yes I could help.

But to be honest after a while I was telling myself I don’t have time, pushing it aside to the last minute. I don’t know why we at times push away things that can bring us the most joy. At the end I discovered I had a lot of fun with it and next time I’ll make it at the top of my list.

The theme of the party was monsters, cute monsters that is. I was in charge of the photo booth display/props, monster masks and monster cans for a ball tossing game.

I listed the supplies I used along with how to steps in making these projects. Enjoy!

Overall Supplies

Scissors, streamers, poster boards, tine cans, ping pong balls, markers, string, print out of monster eyes and mouths, a banner, hot glue gun, foam paper, construction paper, ping pong balls, fuzz balls, fuzzy sticks, and felt letters.



Photo Booth Display 

I grabbed a a handful of streamers in different colors snipping the edges with scissors to give them more depth and be playful. Then looped them over the string that would have them hang. As I brought them over I twisted them to give a little movement.



For the banner that went across the streamers, it was a made out of felt which I found at Target, along with felt letters with sticking in the back to mount onto the banner. You can find any type of banner to hang across the streamers at your local party store or here online is what was similar to mine.

I then cut out extra monster mouth and eye printouts to paste onto thin colorful strings (you can find at a Dollar Tree).  To have the printouts give a more sturdy backing I pasted them onto extra pieces of foam boards.

Photo Booth Props


For props I googled images of monster mouths and printed them out in color, gluing them onto neon colored poster boards for a sturdy backing and then onto doll rods with a hot glue gun. You can find these doll rods online, your craft store or even Dollar Tree store. I also used the poster boards to cut out shapes to write sayings such as “My Monster” and “AAAHHH”.

White poster board works great so you can use colored markets to make it pop and outlining the edges of the shapes with black marker gives an extra touch. But also neon bright colored poster board works as well when just using a black marker.

♥ Monster wearable masks and feet


The mom wanted masks for the kids to wear around the party, genius idea! To make it easy to wear by not having the kids to wear it over their eyes, I made them into like a head dress where you wrapped it around your forehead.

I used foam paper to cut out the shapes of the head mask (rectangular shape), hot glued googly eyeballs, and fuzz balls/sticks to look like antennas/monster ears. I poked holes on the sides of the masks to place a thing string on each side through and out to where you tie it from behind. You could also use those stretchy elastic cords here or from Hobby Lobby to have them just pull over their head.

For the feet I used foam cut outs that were already pre-cut into shapes of feet that I found at the Dollar Tree. If wanting to do them your own you can print out a shape of a monster foot that you find online and trace it onto the foam to cut out. On the big toes I placed fuzz balls and drew circles onto the feet giving them a wort like look. The cut slits and made a hole in center for them to slip their feet into.

♥ Monster Ball Toss Cans


I collected cans along the way to make this project. These particular cans were wet dog food cans that I use on a continuous basis. My dogs eat this stuff every day so needless to say it was easy to accumulate. Other cans easy to collect can be beaned/vegetable cans, soup cans or anything that you feel you use a lot of.

For the background, I used colored construction paper and cut it to the width and length of the can then glued it with hot glue gun. Then used googly eyes, gluing it to the center of the can (some cans have one big eye or three small eyes, just have fun with it)! I used the fuzzy balls and fuzzy sticks as hair on top and cut ear like shapes from the foam board as well.

For the mouths you can draw them in or print out monster mouth images to glue below the eyes. The lids were so the cans could be stacked up onto one another if the kids were going to toss the cans down with a ball. I found these lids at the grocery store in the pet isle or you can find them here. Also ping pong balls were used for the kids to toss them into the cans.

In the end the party was a monster success! So go ahead and make a fun theme out of the next party you have scheduled, you’ll not only have a blast at the party but will also love creating it!




With TLC,


How Camping Can Benefit You


My Poem Drawing about Camping

Traveling has been a part of me ever since I could remember with my parents being from two opposite worlds. My dad was from Wisconsin and my mother from Honduras. I was born traveling, was born in Honduras during a family trip then flew back to Wisconsin at 6 months old.

My dad would take us on these long extended or mini short road trips around the U.S. Along the way instead of staying in Hotels we would camp out. After he left this world, camping kind of left my world in a way. Deep down it was still within me like a fire almost entirely put out but a few warm coals just needing a bit of wind to revive the flames.

My flames have started to grow gradually once again with my love who shares the same passion as me. He and I had similar views for traveling and talked for months about camping before we did our first trip. I found some of my dad in him, a return back to my traveling roots.

Below I list ways of how we approached camping, how it has benefited my soul and how it can benefit you. I hope this opens your eyes to camping or just getting out in some way to travel.



Start Small First – Our first camping trip  was right nearby in our neck of the woods, Georgetown, Texas. We have a good amount of lakes in the heart of the hill country and thought why not get our feet wet around the corner. It was just a one night stay but a good way to dip our toes into what we hope to be a lifetime future of camping. So start of slow to where you can get into the groove of being out in nature.


♥ Increase in Increments – Second camping trip was two weekends later during memorial holiday. A two night stay, one night along the gulf coast of Texas at the state park, Goose Island and second night at Lake Corpus Christi State Park in a shelter. Goose Island I believe has some world renowned bathrooms and showers! It feels like you’re in your own bathroom maybe even nicer. As you get going spread your wings to more places you haven’t been to with longer stays. This has you confront any reservations you may have of going out there and as you go you feel more at ease to try newer spots.



Walk Around Campgrounds – Right across our first campground in Georgetown, we found a live tarantula! Picture above to prove it. In Goose Island, we took a stroll along the camp grounds catching sea gulls, rare white cranes and pelicans dipping into the sea catching fish. As you venture out int your nearby surroundings you’ll discover little adventures along the way.



Explore outside the Campgrounds – Explore the town/city of where you are staying at. We found one of the oldest oak trees in the world right at the Goose Island State Park. If we hadn’t ventured out further we wouldn’t have known what all historical or one of a kind experiences we would stumble upon.


Create a Fire – The fire is what I feel defines camping. Not only does it warm the camp site but warms your soul. It’s a nice ritual to have as you get settled into your camping site. It brings everyone together around the fire to tell stories, getting to know each other better. Not only that but you get to roast marshmallows!


♥ Get to know Visitors – As you venture out you will also come upon all kinds of people. We met international people and locals that lived down the road but preferred to camp during the weekends just to get away. When you come upon people take the initiative to give them a smile along with asking one open ended question like how’s your camping stay here going so far. I guarantee you more often than not that the conversation will continue to where you get to meet a new interesting person and might learn something along the way.


I hope this inspires you to venture out soon to camp, to RV, to bike, to boat, to fly to wherever your heart desires!

I end with a video about a couple who drove from Canada to South America in their pop up camper.

Video – The Meaning of Desk to Glory


With TLC,








10 Ways a Dog can help you Appreciate Life


I have gradually increased my drawing series that entails my dog somewhere in the piece. Throughout the years she’s had me stop to smell the roses….literally.

The past 8 years with her has given me more compassion, more understanding, more inspiration and more love. I truly believe she was meant for me as I was meant for her.

For all that she has done for me, I thought I’d show appreciation by having her in some of my drawings and writings. For this post in honor of her and to all dogs, I’m showing my drawings and photos of her along with 10 ways she helps increase enjoyment of life and how you can follow these steps in your own life as well!



Every morning she stretches her little legs and neck as soon as she sees me get up from bed. It’s a good routine to have, getting ready for the day, giving your body a good feeling and mentally knowing you are capable to seize the day.

♥ Massage

My dog loves massages, can’t get enough of them! Whether it’s a face massage, ear massage, leg massage, belly massage she doesn’t care as long as she gets physical affection. So have someone give you a massage like a loved one or a massage parlor. Let yourself get pampered, you deserve a treat and don’t be afraid to ask for one like my dog, she has no shame.



♥ Greeting 

When returning home, as soon as I get close to the door I can hear her squeal with delight. She jumps all over me covering me with kisses. Next time you come home to your loved ones give them an ecstatic greeting even if it’s just an excited hello, how was your day question to your roommate. They and yourself will feel good about it.

♥ Walking 

It never fails every day she wants to go on a walk. It’s a routine we have that’s twice a day, in the morning and evening. Exercise gets your blood flowing, releases those feel good endorphin. So get up a little earlier and go on that walk, your body and mind will thank you.


♥ Stare into Nature

Whenever she’s outside in the backyard or during a walk she’ll just plop down and stare out into nature, taking it all in. We have a big field out behind my suburban block and at times we will just sit in the grass both staring out into the vast beautiful sky. She had me do this alongside her, never really taking much thought of my surroundings until I had her.


♥ Alone Time

There are times she’ll sneak off into her dog bed in my bedroom or go under the bed/table. As if saying this is now my alone time please let me be. We all need those times to ourselves to refuel, process our thoughts or just be. I suggest do a little meditation or just sit quietly on your bed breathing in and out with all the gadgets out of sight.


♥ Naps 

My dog snoozes on and off through out the day. After her siesta she is ready to go once more wanting to play. More than 85% of mammals sleep short periods through out the day. But us humans find ourselves running overboard without our full night’s sleep. A short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance. So take that nap when you can. I’ve fit it in during my lunch break at work in my car. If that’s not possible for you find another time bracket after work to fit it in.

♥ Play Time

A good toy doesn’t last long, soon stuffing is coming out of it because she’s tugged at it or chewed it to pieces. She let’s me know when I’m working too much and wanting me to take a break to play with her. I reluctantly do so but grateful afterwards because she had me laughing the whole time. So play with your loved ones, like a game of frisbee, pool, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping.


♥ Cuddle Time

Not only does she stretch in the mornings but she also comes up to my face nuzzling next to me. When falling asleep she prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed near my feet. But in the mornings it is our cuddle time. Make that initiative to cuddle with your loved one, if you don’t have someone sleeping next to you, then give a family or friend a big ole long warm hug.


♥ Listen

She might not understand me but she looks at me intently as I rattle off my thoughts to her. Yes I talk out loud and to my dog even though she probably doesn’t understand me…although we don’t know 100% if she does or not! Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, have the intention to really listen to what they have to say and not just wait for your turn to talk. You might just learn something new and they will see your are genuine and vice versa. You’ll feel good that you gave your full attention.

Comment if you have or will try any of these! And if you don’t have a dog…think about getting one soon! 😉


♥♥ Bonus

And when you fall, fail, find yourself falling apart, find a way to get back up and keep on going creating your own foundation because our dogs sure do!

And I end with a video about a man and his dog, an unwavering love. (warning sad but is a must see)


With TLC,



How to Let Water Help You


Poem Drawing about Water

Water Body Poem by Me

Lately I’ve been on a binge of water, drinking water, watching the rain, watering my plants, learning the Feng Shui water element and the list could go on. Inspired by all this I started to dribble down words about water, how it is connected to us and making art about water.

Recently we had a downpour of rain around where I live. Floods, hail, and high winds slapping droplets that felt like needles. A couple times my lights completely went out and one morning found a trampoline that flew two houses catercorner down from me in my backyard! And picture to prove it!


Even with all the bumps you may face when going through stormy weather at the end of the day be grateful for all of it. Water nourishes the earth and us. We should welcome it anytime it comes, for Mother Nature knows best of what we need. Along the way I’ve learned how water can connect to our body and soul. So I’ve listed a few things about how water can help in our daily lives.

Like Katy Perry says, after a hurricane comes a rainbow. Just like after crying, comes a sense of relief and peace. Hence above my water bottle drawing, not keeping it in, to let the water works flow out. That way it gives us a chance to refill once more and not spill over to where you feel like drowning.

♥ Right now I’ve been on a roll listening to the Holistic Spaces podcast. The current series is about the five elements and how to implement it around your home. The first element she talked about was water. How water relates to wisdom, intelligence, your interaction with others and cash flow. She provides a few examples of how you can bring this water balance to you by having water forms, like an aquarium, wavy shapes like a wavy shaped coffee table, and using the colors black and deep blue around your house and what you wear.

♥ My current habit pertaining to water is gardening. You don’t have to have a green thumb as long as your intention is to care of the plants, acknowledging them every day. This way you feel a sense of connection and I believe they do as well. So far this has done wonders by producing beautiful bright pink roses and peppers, they are ever so tiny but they are growing! As you care for these plants you find yourself smiling at the progress, continuing to give your care to them and vise versa them nourishing you with a sense of accomplishment.


♥ Also another way of bringing water physically to you is by drinking plenty of water each day. I find it’s great to start the mornings off with a tall glass of water and a dash of lemon if you have any around. It rejuvenates you, having you ready for the day and feeling healthy inside and outward to your skin.

♥ Find inspiring messages to fill yourself up. It’s eerie how I’ve found quite a few messages about water pertaining to your inner self. Twice in one day stumbled upon the message, “You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup. Take Care of Yourself First.” And came upon a Youtube video from Refinery about going 5 days hydrating yourself with water. Do some studying and enlighten yourself up with water knowledge.

And I end with my final piece about water. Dive into your waters of destiny. When you go with the flow, the flow will take you where you need to go.

Dive (art piece by me)

Dive (art piece by me)


With TLC,



DIY Color Image Transfer on Wood

Julia and Paul Child

Julia and Paul Child

I started transferring images on wood and other materials in college. I loved the concept of how an image can be seen on different materials. How you could change the way you see the image in a whole different way.

I would transfer color and black images onto wood, canvas, plates and whatever I could find along the way. Reusing a tossed item makes me feel like I am reviving life back into it, sending a message to others that we can recycle to help the earth just a little bit more.

I’m starting this love up again by using my current drawing series (like the one above) and transferring them on wood blocks, that were extra pieces tossed aside. These pieces of wood were 2x4s from Home Depot that my mother’s boyfriend used to update the house and these were just extra scraps! We cut them down to 7×6 inches and sanded them down to become a smoother surface. Below are my step by step instructions along with pictures to better visualize how to go about it!

♦ Materials needed: Wood (Home Depot, Lowes or anything laying  around), sand paper, squeegee card, paint brush, Mod Podge, printed image (color or black and white), towel/cloth and glue. Print image on a lazer color printer and if there is text on image be sure they are reversed (mirror image).  Also you can tear the edges of the image (or photoshop it) to give it a rough antique look. 


Sand paper over rough edges or any painted surfaces.


Using your paint brush, paint over the wood surface of where you want the image on with Mod Podge. Leave a nice top layer, not too thick and not too thin.


Place image onto wood (image facing wood surface). Smooth it out gently with a squeegee card or credit card anything with a hard line surface.


Then place a wet towel cloth onto the wood piece with image in place. I like to leave it this way overnight.


Remove towel cloth and begin to rub off the paper image by using your fingers to rub it off or the towel gently.


There will be some stray small paper pieces so wet it a bit more to remove. It will be fuzzy which is fine because then you will spray over it with the acrylic clear spray paint.


Let it dry and whala you have a masterpiece!


Julia and Paul Child

Julia and Paul Child

Hope you enjoy and let me know how it turns out!

With TLC,