10 Ways a Dog can help you Appreciate Life


I have gradually increased my drawing series that entails my dog somewhere in the piece. Throughout the years she’s had me stop to smell the roses….literally.

The past 8 years with her has given me more compassion, more understanding, more inspiration and more love. I truly believe she was meant for me as I was meant for her.

For all that she has done for me, I thought I’d show appreciation by having her in some of my drawings and writings. For this post in honor of her and to all dogs, I’m showing my drawings and photos of her along with 10 ways she helps increase enjoyment of life and how you can follow these steps in your own life as well!



Every morning she stretches her little legs and neck as soon as she sees me get up from bed. It’s a good routine to have, getting ready for the day, giving your body a good feeling and mentally knowing you are capable to seize the day.

♥ Massage

My dog loves massages, can’t get enough of them! Whether it’s a face massage, ear massage, leg massage, belly massage she doesn’t care as long as she gets physical affection. So have someone give you a massage like a loved one or a massage parlor. Let yourself get pampered, you deserve a treat and don’t be afraid to ask for one like my dog, she has no shame.



♥ Greeting 

When returning home, as soon as I get close to the door I can hear her squeal with delight. She jumps all over me covering me with kisses. Next time you come home to your loved ones give them an ecstatic greeting even if it’s just an excited hello, how was your day question to your roommate. They and yourself will feel good about it.

♥ Walking 

It never fails every day she wants to go on a walk. It’s a routine we have that’s twice a day, in the morning and evening. Exercise gets your blood flowing, releases those feel good endorphin. So get up a little earlier and go on that walk, your body and mind will thank you.


♥ Stare into Nature

Whenever she’s outside in the backyard or during a walk she’ll just plop down and stare out into nature, taking it all in. We have a big field out behind my suburban block and at times we will just sit in the grass both staring out into the vast beautiful sky. She had me do this alongside her, never really taking much thought of my surroundings until I had her.


♥ Alone Time

There are times she’ll sneak off into her dog bed in my bedroom or go under the bed/table. As if saying this is now my alone time please let me be. We all need those times to ourselves to refuel, process our thoughts or just be. I suggest do a little meditation or just sit quietly on your bed breathing in and out with all the gadgets out of sight.


♥ Naps 

My dog snoozes on and off through out the day. After her siesta she is ready to go once more wanting to play. More than 85% of mammals sleep short periods through out the day. But us humans find ourselves running overboard without our full night’s sleep. A short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance. So take that nap when you can. I’ve fit it in during my lunch break at work in my car. If that’s not possible for you find another time bracket after work to fit it in.

♥ Play Time

A good toy doesn’t last long, soon stuffing is coming out of it because she’s tugged at it or chewed it to pieces. She let’s me know when I’m working too much and wanting me to take a break to play with her. I reluctantly do so but grateful afterwards because she had me laughing the whole time. So play with your loved ones, like a game of frisbee, pool, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping.


♥ Cuddle Time

Not only does she stretch in the mornings but she also comes up to my face nuzzling next to me. When falling asleep she prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed near my feet. But in the mornings it is our cuddle time. Make that initiative to cuddle with your loved one, if you don’t have someone sleeping next to you, then give a family or friend a big ole long warm hug.


♥ Listen

She might not understand me but she looks at me intently as I rattle off my thoughts to her. Yes I talk out loud and to my dog even though she probably doesn’t understand me…although we don’t know 100% if she does or not! Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, have the intention to really listen to what they have to say and not just wait for your turn to talk. You might just learn something new and they will see your are genuine and vice versa. You’ll feel good that you gave your full attention.

Comment if you have or will try any of these! And if you don’t have a dog…think about getting one soon! 😉


♥♥ Bonus

And when you fall, fail, find yourself falling apart, find a way to get back up and keep on going creating your own foundation because our dogs sure do!

And I end with a video about a man and his dog, an unwavering love. (warning sad but is a must see)


With TLC,



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